Sunday, 6 June 2010

Jet Black Hair ...

For the longest, longest time, I resisted having my hair coloured black. I mentioned coloured because jade black isn´t my original hair colour, but instead it is of VERY dark brown shade. I use to think that black is so uncool.  It is so common in Asia and to be different, I have them coloured in either dark brown, light brown to reddish shade since college days.  But something in me changed past week.  Internally. 

Lets just say that I am getting more intouch with my roots lately.  Quite a bit happened since I moved here and as the result of that, I had from time to time questioned myself, who am I.  And the thing is this.  The longer I live here, the more I am resisting the way of life here :-( I don´t know if it is a good thing or not, but lets just say that all these had prompted me to register for mandarin class.  The class had been really, really interesting and gosh, I never learned so much about my chinese background back home until I move here!  I have been getting myself hooked on some asian movies and dramas offline and online too!  They are far more interesting and fun if you ask me, and strangely too, the TV channels here had been featuring quite a bit of Asia programs especially from China due to their recent market dominance :-)  And of course, listening to more asian tunes and eating yummy, healthy asian food!

I think I am missing home, again :-(



  1. BRAVO, dear Lianne!!!

    Finding one's roots away from home is something I totally understand ;-)

  2. very nice! totally suits u darling:)

  3. You look lovely. More exotic in Germany, yes? At least your hubby can spot you from afar.. :D

    Me, I'm still hanging on to my streaks of color!! I've seen ladies with naturally jet black hair here (so black and thick it's almost like black wool!) but it's too strong for me.


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