Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Kitchen Remodelling 2.0 Version


I don´t understand why hubby calls it Version 2.0 when the fact is, the kitchen was freshly built few years ago and nothing had changed since.  Ah well. Anyway, we´ve seen some samples of laminate from 3M to change the colour of our current green and rasberry kitchen cabinet, and there selection is HUGE! I am thinking Glossy White, but hubby´s more into grey, which isn´t such a bad idea but as it is, dark colours would usually make a place appear smaller.  So I am not so into that idea, but will see how it goes.  Perhaps do a colour combo of white, and grey.  Or perhaps, add a hint of green into our kitchen look.  That would be a good compromise eh.  Other than that, I am checking out some new tiles.  Not sure if we will want our current one replaced or not. I would love that being done to something sleek and narrow-like but again, it comes down to weither is it worth it or not.  I´ve bought some canvas to start painting too! Woohoo! Hopefully, my rustic painting skill will come back!  All and all, just some improvement here and there.  To fix the lights so that it is AT LEAST diagonal and not facing a funny degree.  And new pantry cupboard! I desperately need more space, SPACE and SPACE! Will see ...


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Smelling the Flowers Again ...

I think I have been watching too much football lately that I have neglected other parts of my life.  Too much slouching on the couch, too much focusing on that small ball three times a day and basically nothing else.  Time to get my life order back in check, no?  I am still all out to my favourite teams such as Germany (I still think the German squad will bounce back, and darn that Spanish referee! He is being too tough!), Spain and Brazil, but if this World Cup´s gonna contain surprises, then let the best team win!
Two days ago, me and hubby sat down to do some serious Q3 & Q4 planning.  In another word, finish up our to do list before the year ends roll without realising.  Here´s what is pending :
  • Balloon Ride - My beloved in-laws gave us each a balloon ride voucher last Christmas, and looking at the pleasant weather now, I think it is time to get our act together to choose a proper date.
  • Relative Visit in Lyon, France - My godma will be down end of this month, one of her annual pilgimage to visit her daughter, and her family here all the way from Malaysia and I think it is due time for me to go pay them a visit too.  Ticket´s been booked two days ago hence, that one is off the list.
  • Hubby´s birthday celebration - There will be a theme this year, and a bit more preparation in place but with one month more to go, I hope all will be well. I hope.
  • Kitchen Remodelling 2.0 - As hubby calls it.  The structure is great but I am not crazy over the cabinet colour and the design.  So, we will change that, plus the tiles on the wall, plus built extra pantry cabinet, plus refurbish some bits and pieces here and there. Ah, we will see.
  • Driving Licence - Eye Test, First Aid Test, Oral and Practical, time to get things moving. But first, check out a good driving school.
  • Romantic Road Trip in September - We have decided to do a bit touring in Germany this year instead of visiting other country.  It is such a shame that I have not seen Germany as how I am suppose too.  We will try to incorporate in Octoberfest, Vineyard Stay and some food hunting into our itinery hence I think this will be really fun!
  • Chinese New Year Trip Home.  Apart from flying home to Kuala Lumpur, we are thinking of visting one North Asian city and are on a lookout for great ticket deals.  Not sure which city will we be, but I am all out for either Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul or Hongkong.
  • There´s more to this list ... but I will just stop here for today.

Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

World Cup Fever in ON

This is old news, but just saying you know ... that this is the reason why I have been (or will be!) missing from this beloved blog.  So far, I am very impressed with my adopted home´s team Germany´s game last Sunday :-).  I was as skeptical as the many others before the game against Australia because, lets face it .... it is not easy when a team changes their captain, incorporate in new players and loosing star-player aka Michael Ballack at such critical moment but the German team proved themselves last Sunday.  They played really, really well infact, way surpassed my sceptism.  Their ball passing was precision accurate and they don´t waste precious energy chasing the ball around.  Watching players bouncing back and forth, not able to make up their mind can be pretty confusing and argg ... irritating (especially coupled with that Vuvu thingy!).  Their defence were relatively good too, but again, it is too early to tell if they can take the test of better teams.  What I really liked was their attack. It was precise, tactical and ohhhh ...  how much I love watching what these boys do to aim for a goal ... its so interesting when seeing strategy being implemented on-screen and them making it look sooo easy :-)  The forward team were more creative this time round too and coming from four different players, I think it speaks a lot about the strength of each player (I hope).  I like teams which encourages players to score goals when opportunity arises instead of always handling them to certain `star-strikers`which I felt, not only over-burden the striker´s responsibility, from a viewer point, one tends to ask `whyyyyy, whyyyy???!!.  Football is team work people. Full stop. The midfielder did a great job on both ends too (thanks Schweinsteiger and Philip Lahm!) but heard that Schweinsteiger is currently sick in South Africa (bummer).  But what I love most was, the teams chemistry was unbelievable.  It was a warm feeling watching games being played as it should be and not loop-sided with star-player showing attitude to normal players (hate that).  The few new players such as Oznil, Cacao and Müller were all a breath of fresh air to the normally-can-be-pretty-boring-but-consistent German team, and I can say that they are the best German teams I have ever seen so far (and mind you, I have been German team supporter wayyy before marrying a German boy), so I am really, really hoping for them to be able to at least be on top 3 position.

Other than that, I was also impressed with the South Korean and North Korean team too. While the South Korean team, reportedly to have been drinking cups and cups of ginseng to increase their stamina and speed, the North Korean´s defence tactic were so well-built that only a true, world class player such as Brazil were able to squeeze a corner goal towards the end after trying hard for good first half.

So far, I am NOT impress with Portugal, Italy, France, England or even Brazil.  I had lots of expectation like many others and the thing I  notice again and again with these big giants are, they are not able to pass the ball accurately to their team mates?! I have also seen so many times ball bouncing back to them when they tried passing to their team mates but has infact shoot them towards their opponent rigth infront!  Strange.  And this leaves me with a question if they have practised as a group before arriving to South Africa to play?  Also, so many a times that these star players were given the golden opportunity to score a goal but only seeing the ball bounced totally different direction, or way off the goal post, which leave me questioning ... errr, is the ball or the grass too slippery?  I think these guys need to bunk up their game or else, some unexpected team will take home the cup. 

Today, Spain´s gonna play against Switzerland.  Spain is one of my favourite team, but after all that had happened with the star team, I have this feeling Switzerland´s gonna outshine Spain.

I am betting! So far, I have won on last night´s game with my tip being 2-1 for Brazil versus North Korean!

Wish me luck for today´s game!

Update 16/6 :
Spain ( 0 ) Switzerland ( 1 ) !!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

She Likes White Diningroom, Actually ...


I did not stop at just Modern Asian as you can see. Infact, I spent a good few hours infront of the PC yesterday playing with the online software.  My sister actually gave me a few pointers of what she actually wanted sometime back but I prepared her a Modern Asian concept anyway.  In the event if she decides to streamline the concept of her home with wood and cream base tone, there is a choice.

She actually love her diningroom bright and spacious.  If possible too, to incorporate in large mirrors and a lovely chandelier right in the middle of the room.  The moment she mentioned that, a close friend´s diningroom came to mind.  So happen too that I had a picture of her dining area taken during our last gathering.  I emailed them over to sis, and she nodded straightaway.  Its great, because this means that my sister can get intouch with my friend on where to get the pieces of item to put the whole look together!

For me, a marbled top or frosted  glass table is a no-no. Not when living in Germany but in a hot, tropical country, it is a blessing to have something cold to balance off the weather.  I personally love this black chair, sort of remind me of ours but I think my sister will have to go with leather instead of fabric, for practicality reason.  I think getting the chandelier is not a problem because there is a fabulous light shop just right outside our condo unit.  Great pieces with great prices too.  Oh, how I wish I was able to bring some back her to my Germany home during my last trip.  As for the carpet, I am not sure if I have seen anything close to this design in Kuala Lumpur.  She will also have to do quite a bit of hunting for the mirror, but if all else fails, Ikea has quite a reasonably priced range so .. no fear.  But I think the thing that will probably bring out the whole diningroom are the sideboard and diningware cabinet, some lovely black/white prints on the wall and bits and pieces of small accessories to bring bridge the whole concept together.  I personally wish she goes for this!

Otherwise, someone´s gotta use this and I cannot help hoping is that person could be us!

Friday, 11 June 2010

The thing about Moodboard

Recently, my sister back home shared me a few great news.  After living in the same condominium block as I did since 2006, her family had decided to secure a landed property right across PJ´s most popular and commercial district.  Their current unit on the 19th floor is great, especially during New Year´s Eve celebration where all we need to do is walk out the the balcony to enjoy the paranomic view of all the fireworks coming from One Utama, Ikano Shopping Centre, Ikea, Centrepoint and as far as Mont Kiara area.  But as it is, her family is growing and the three bedroom place is about to burst.  Imagine having two kids, a dog, herself and hubby plus two maids in a 1,000 sf space.  But the place holds great memories for me.  My unit is at 2nd floor, about the same size but comes with only 2 bedroom.  My parents live with me and when I go to work, all I need to do is `deposit`my mum upstairs with the maid.  Living so closeby is lovely too because my place gets cleaning and maintenance service free every 2-3 times a week, courtesy from my sister :-)  Transportation is great too, with taxi and bus service being at the doorstep, and if anything else is needed, there´s always a spare car available within our household.  Shopping, meeting friends of simply taking a drive to somewhere  is a breeze, not to mention affordable petrol.

Anyway, sis requested me to help her out with her new place´s interior work.  At times like these, I wish I am back home to literarily hands-on onto the project.  Apart from being thrilled by the thought of staying at her place when its ready (I think she has about 4 rooms in her place), I love the Mutiara Damansara location as it is just 5 minutes walk across from all my frequent joint such as Borders, Popular Bookstore, MPH, Ikea, Harvey Norman, Brands Outlet, Starbucks and Tesco. Five shopping malls right opposite her place.  I think I will go crazy. :-)

So, what is this thing about Moodboard.  It is essentially a creative board where you paste in all the bits and pieces you want in your plan.  I think internet had evolved to such great maturity that one can find almost all kinds of creative moodboard for usage complimentary.  This one, from Olioboard is courtesy of Decor8´s recommendation.  If you are new to her, and love anything to do with home decoration, I suggest you to hop over asap.  She is one hell of a passionate and talented woman, not to mention generous too.

My sis´s current place is zen-like.  A bit of dark wood here and there, and very typical style of houses in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya.  For me, I am a fan of scandinavian design.  White, white, white and all white with accent of light wood texture here and there.  But having a bigger space means you can play with it more.  Perhaps tone the space down a little with a bit more homely effect hence, I have put together something for her here, close to Zen again, in the event if she wants to have the same relaxing effect when she returns home from work to home sweet home.

This is her Modern Asian Diningroom Concept, inspired by Earthy Colour with Modern Furniture Pieces. 

What do you think?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Window Box Flowers for 2010 Summer / Autumn

I think I have mentioned before long time ago that we need about 80 new plants twice a year to fill up our window boxes surrounding the 1st floor.

80 new plants! Yup, you read them correctly. 

When I first arrived, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of commitment we had to pour in every six months just to beautify our window boxes.  And you´re looking at both physical commitment and financially. Not only we need to buy new soil to fill up the boxes each time (we are looking at roughly 5 packets of 25 kg soil), we spent an estimate of 30-60 cents on each plant (in euro!), and that´s equivalent to 24 - 48 euro minimum every 6 months!  But that is not it.  We spent a good 2 hours or more planting the miniature flower plants into the boxes before spending another hour or so filling up the window boxes with 5 litres of water each time.  And that excludes the water refill every 2 weeks or so.  As you know, water ain´t exactly cheap in this part of the world.  Not forgetting is, there´s the essential fertiliser to make them grow stronger and faster.

BUT it is all worth the effort and money spent.

This year, we coordinated our flower choice with downstairs.  While Mama chose a lovely combination of Striking Pink Geranium, Baby Pink Geranium and some white / lilac baby flowers, our choice for this season is Pink Begonia!



I can´t wait for it to flourish to its maximum size as I can already imagine how beautiful it will turn out :-)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Jet Black Hair ...

For the longest, longest time, I resisted having my hair coloured black. I mentioned coloured because jade black isn´t my original hair colour, but instead it is of VERY dark brown shade. I use to think that black is so uncool.  It is so common in Asia and to be different, I have them coloured in either dark brown, light brown to reddish shade since college days.  But something in me changed past week.  Internally. 

Lets just say that I am getting more intouch with my roots lately.  Quite a bit happened since I moved here and as the result of that, I had from time to time questioned myself, who am I.  And the thing is this.  The longer I live here, the more I am resisting the way of life here :-( I don´t know if it is a good thing or not, but lets just say that all these had prompted me to register for mandarin class.  The class had been really, really interesting and gosh, I never learned so much about my chinese background back home until I move here!  I have been getting myself hooked on some asian movies and dramas offline and online too!  They are far more interesting and fun if you ask me, and strangely too, the TV channels here had been featuring quite a bit of Asia programs especially from China due to their recent market dominance :-)  And of course, listening to more asian tunes and eating yummy, healthy asian food!

I think I am missing home, again :-(