Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Backfired Plan with Lindt Chocolate


Hubby and I decided to compete to see who could loose more weight in the month of April.  Loser will have to fold our laundry for one whole year! 

And ... I lost :-(

I simply could not believe I only manage 1.8kg less where else he managed 3kg.

And I did the most terrible thing during the last week too.  I tried sabotaging his plan by baking a huge Strawberry Charlotte Cake knowing he could not resist it.  It went well because I did not even touch a piece. 

I then spotted these.  Lindt´s Easter Collection Chocolate Pralines at less than 5% from the usual price (10 cents from normal 2.50 Euro!) so I literarily carted everything off the whole rack!  I came home happily,  placed them in the most strategic location in the living room in a clear jar to tempt him further.  But let´s just say that my game plan backfired.  

I ended up eating most of them.  Damn Lindt.  They were so good.

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  1. OMG, they are so cute! Chocs won't make you fat if you take the dark ones.


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