Friday, 21 May 2010

End of Spring Blooms in our Garden

As usual, I will prepare a collage of all the flowers blooming in our little balcony and garden downstairs.

This year, I am beginning to take charge of the plot Mama allocated to us fully.

The tulips bloomed successfully.  Althought I would love to pat myself in the back for the job well done, I truly suspect that its the good grade bulb that made a difference. So people, don´t stinge on the bulbs! 

Our alliums, a member of the onion family is growing well too. Onion seems to be hardy to grow so I think I will do more onions from now on.


Other than that, I learned that Ranunkel dies easily during frosty winter months after one seeds them underground. Hence, remember to seed them deeper into ground.


They also need lots of fertiliser and due to me being unknowledgeable in this department, though blooming, it is far from perfect with its leaves hardly growing to its bushy potential.


Other than that, I am happy with everything else!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Backfired Plan with Lindt Chocolate


Hubby and I decided to compete to see who could loose more weight in the month of April.  Loser will have to fold our laundry for one whole year! 

And ... I lost :-(

I simply could not believe I only manage 1.8kg less where else he managed 3kg.

And I did the most terrible thing during the last week too.  I tried sabotaging his plan by baking a huge Strawberry Charlotte Cake knowing he could not resist it.  It went well because I did not even touch a piece. 

I then spotted these.  Lindt´s Easter Collection Chocolate Pralines at less than 5% from the usual price (10 cents from normal 2.50 Euro!) so I literarily carted everything off the whole rack!  I came home happily,  placed them in the most strategic location in the living room in a clear jar to tempt him further.  But let´s just say that my game plan backfired.  

I ended up eating most of them.  Damn Lindt.  They were so good.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Pastel Tulips and Margaritas


Now that our little cherry tree is downstairs, growing happily on proper soil instead of being confined onto a pot space, we decided to plant something else with the pot. From top left is our Lemon Plant, Red Paprika (Capsicum), two kinds of baby white flowers (one bushy and one crawling kind) and Pastel Margaritas.  I am loving this flower so much lately that I picked up another white/blue variety just yesterday.  Also, check out Mama´s Baby Pink Tulips! Its my favouriteeeee tulipssss and goshhh, should have picked up another packet when I got them last Autumn.  Not only was the colour lovely, the quality is better than the usual too.

Hubby´s Names Day


Apart from celebrating our birthdays and wedding anniversary, there´s also another tradition of celebrating the day of our name.  Hubby´s was somewhere last week and instead of something fancy, I made him his favourite meal of the day ... A BIGGGG BREAKFAST!