Monday, 5 April 2010

Eggs, Bunnies, Rabbits and Even Duck on Our Easter Celebration

Happy Easter Everyone! 

Have you had your fair share of eggs for this year?  I am not sure about you, I definately had enough!  Look at all the eggs in the house!  Some edible, some not, and some made of yummiliciousss chocolate - which is sooo bad for my current loosing weight program :-)  But nevertheless, it was fun filled day with people that matter, COLOURFUL and chirpy as how spring is suppose to be and I enjoyed it tremendously.  We decorated our home a little with some eggs, one in the kitchen where I placed some yummy Hema Chocolate Eggs into a flower decor, and the rest goes to an egg basket in the livingroom´s dining table.  Nothing fancy but perfect for those impromptu moment and easy to reach.


We had a mini celebration downstairs with lovely homemade cake (from Mama) after my fried kuey teow lunch.  One was a tart lookalike cake base filled with seasonal berries (yummm, it was really fresh but a tad sourish as it is still early spring), and the other was straight out from the can mandarin orange which Mama combined with quark, and turning them into this gorgoeoussss looking and super tasty, super yummy, super calorie-laden white looking vanilla based sponge cake which I cannot get enough off. We had egg naturally.  In hardboiled form.  My second one for the day after the earlier one for breakfast.  It is a tradition it seems.  And amidst our conversation, we casually popped the chocolate eggs into our mouth which Mama dropped casually on the table earlier.


Dinner was downstairs again.  While the women in the house opted for smoked salmon to go with the seasonal salad and egg slices, the men went for some porky goodness aka Ham Slices on toast.  That´s appetiser.  We were stuffed by then as Mama had earlier filled us up with Riesling Spatlese 2003 in between break after our coffee/cake session.  Main course thankfully was light.  German sausage puff pastry roll which Mama prepared two rolls each but everyone ended up finishing only one - except for hubby :-)

We came up stuffed but happy.  Thanks Karola and Dirk for the yummy looking self-baked Chocolate Coated Rabbit Bread.  Its too pretty to be eaten!  I hope Mama don´t mind the Easter Decoration we gave her with a one-eye duck instead of a chick/hen.  I cannot believe hubby can´t tell the difference when he picked that up from the store earlier!

Well .. my Lou Kung.  Love him to bits :-)


  1. Happy Easter...I had a fun-filled celebration too this year; though away from home...but I am going for a second celebration this week, with my! =)

  2. The eggs have such lovely rich colours!


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