Saturday, 27 March 2010

Spring Cleaning in Germany


Reminding myself to start clearing up the unwanted furniture pieces the week before Official Spring Day so that the Poland guys could pick them up for reselling.  The fridge is gone but there´s so much junk still up at the attic.  I like the system here.  Everything comes with a date, the German way.


  1. LOL, so cute.. everything comes with a date.. the GERMAN way eh? LOL. In Malaysia, they say they'll come and then they don't. Then they show up when you've gone outstation. i bet you don't miss that ! LOL

  2. yup, wayy in advance. our calendars for the year (appointments) had all been filled up early this year, and usually ... only minor 10% change. and that´s on the social part. well .. kinda miss that sometimes when I am not in the mood for it! haha!


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