Monday, 15 March 2010

Kinderüberaschungeier mit Airbus A380

I have an ardent collector at home.  It is not me.  I think it was somewhere last week when hubby came across an advertisement in either a flyer or television advertising for Easter Edition´s Kinder Egg Surprise with one of this latest collection, miniature aircraft.  Not just any mini size aircraft hidden within but A380!  So off I went to Netto today to go pick it up alonggg with my usual grocery shopping.  It is no where to be found sadly, and the sale assistant seems to be unsure too but instead said that its all gone.  They won´t arrive anymore.  Not too convincing I tell ya so I think I might check it out somewhere else further.  We might have gotten the store wrong perhaps, but it is definately available based on the information I got from the internet.

01 March 2010, available somewhere in Germany.  If you know where can I get this, shoot me a comment.

Muchos Gracias ...


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  1. I have the middle of the three. Do you still want this?


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