Sunday, 31 January 2010

Day Twelveth´s Brunch : Classic Spagetti Bolognaise


My eating plan is a bit off today.  Reason being was, I stayed up till very late last night playing games on Facebook.  Oh yeah, I am still addicted there :-) And so I thought, it would be a good idea to replace my usual Drink Suppliment with an early brunch after rising from bed late.  And since I had some classic bolognaise sauce leftover from last night, all I did was reheat, cook a bunch of pasta and voila! All ready to be eaten.  This sauce I must say is d-i-v-i-n-e ... If you are looking for a classic sauce close to the one I have tried in Modena, Italy many donkey years ago, I think this is not too bad.  Click here for the recipe in my other blog.  Just remember to have a great bottle of red wine (if you wanna cook them with beef) or a good bottle of white wine (if you are cooking them with white meat, like me) .. and a dash of Sherry Vinegar.  Life´s good :-)

Here´s my daily report ...

- Brunch : A plate of Spagetti Bolognaise
- Afternoon Snacks : Suppliment Drink, 1 Apple, 1 Orange, 3 After Eights
- Dinner : Suppliment Drink
Exercise : Rest Day
Weight Lost Today : 0.3kg
Total Weight Lost Till Date : 2.4kg

I was trying on some clothes a while ago, you know, just to prepare for the upcoming trip home and what to wear on first day of Chinese New Year.  And .. the weight lost were fantastic.  I can see that my tummy is flatter unlike before and I am happy with how I look in my old Cheongsam. Also, I think my standard Economy Seat via Thai Airways will feel a bit spacious now.  Happy :-)

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  1. oh my word.. u making me hungry on an early mon morn.. bad girl!


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