Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day Fifth´s Breakfast : Mushroom & Ham Omelette / Half Croissant

This morning, I woke up to 0.1 grams heavier! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-( And at times like this, I am thankful that everything is recorded so that I can study what went wrong. I also notice a trend. Each time I had a serving of fish with my suppliment drink, I tend to loose more. As for what happened yesterday, I can only point to my snacking habits, which was not necessary at all coz I was not hungry but greedy. An apple usually fills me up, and besides, it is health. But I ended up with extra helping of 3 boiled eggs (which I wanted to make salad with), and 150 grams of Raw Almond! Not good at all, so as off today, I will stay away from these two. Sorry Leen that your recommendation did not work. Maybe different body works differently ;-) I shall also observe if the eggs indeed made such a difference since I had two eggs this morning for my breakfast.


Since I started this, today was a record breaking for me in terms of putting the grams back. So, I vow to stick back strictly with fruits and suppliment drink coming lunch and dinner. Hope I will be dicipline enough!
  • Breakfast : Mushroom Omelette with Ham and Capsicum (300 calories), 1/2 croissant (260 calories!) - gosh, I never knew this little thing is such a devill!
  • Lunch : Suppliment Drink
  • Snacks : Apples, Kiwi, Pear
  • Dinner : Suppliment Drink
  • Exercise : Make the Bed
  • Total lost from start date : 1.1kg

Today is Sunday, hence its officially NO WORK DAY here in Germany. I will probably LAZE around on Sofa infront of Telly with hubby till bedtime :-) Haha. Nah, I will go search for something to do. Laundry, or uploading the dishwasher.

Have a nice sunday everyone!