Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day Eleventh´s Lunch : Poached Salmon & Miso Soup


Today, I woke up to 0.3kg lighter. Yay!  And soon, I can look forward to food indulgence in Bangkok and then Kuala Lumpur!  I woke up as usual this morning and prepared hubby pancakes with cheese/ham and chocolate stuffings.  Needless to say I got tempted and gobbled down half a piece.  Come lunchtime, I made an extra helping with chocolate and banana.  What a combo! Coz soon I learned that they carry a massive 300 calories for that small portion. Urgggg.  Today is weekend, means slow day with very little housework so ... I think tomorrow´s result will be very minimal or none at all.

Here´s for today

- Breakfast : Suppliment Drink, 1/2 Cheese/Ham Crepe
- Lunch : 1 Banana/Chocolate Crepe, 1 Poached Salmon, 1 Miso Soup
- Snacks : 2 Amicelli
- Dinner : Suppliment Drink
- Exercise : Made the Bed and Upload the Dishwasher
- Weight Lost Today : 0.3kg
- Total Lost Till Date : 2.1kg


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