Sunday, 31 January 2010

Day Twelveth´s Brunch : Classic Spagetti Bolognaise


My eating plan is a bit off today.  Reason being was, I stayed up till very late last night playing games on Facebook.  Oh yeah, I am still addicted there :-) And so I thought, it would be a good idea to replace my usual Drink Suppliment with an early brunch after rising from bed late.  And since I had some classic bolognaise sauce leftover from last night, all I did was reheat, cook a bunch of pasta and voila! All ready to be eaten.  This sauce I must say is d-i-v-i-n-e ... If you are looking for a classic sauce close to the one I have tried in Modena, Italy many donkey years ago, I think this is not too bad.  Click here for the recipe in my other blog.  Just remember to have a great bottle of red wine (if you wanna cook them with beef) or a good bottle of white wine (if you are cooking them with white meat, like me) .. and a dash of Sherry Vinegar.  Life´s good :-)

Here´s my daily report ...

- Brunch : A plate of Spagetti Bolognaise
- Afternoon Snacks : Suppliment Drink, 1 Apple, 1 Orange, 3 After Eights
- Dinner : Suppliment Drink
Exercise : Rest Day
Weight Lost Today : 0.3kg
Total Weight Lost Till Date : 2.4kg

I was trying on some clothes a while ago, you know, just to prepare for the upcoming trip home and what to wear on first day of Chinese New Year.  And .. the weight lost were fantastic.  I can see that my tummy is flatter unlike before and I am happy with how I look in my old Cheongsam. Also, I think my standard Economy Seat via Thai Airways will feel a bit spacious now.  Happy :-)

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day Eleventh´s Lunch : Poached Salmon & Miso Soup


Today, I woke up to 0.3kg lighter. Yay!  And soon, I can look forward to food indulgence in Bangkok and then Kuala Lumpur!  I woke up as usual this morning and prepared hubby pancakes with cheese/ham and chocolate stuffings.  Needless to say I got tempted and gobbled down half a piece.  Come lunchtime, I made an extra helping with chocolate and banana.  What a combo! Coz soon I learned that they carry a massive 300 calories for that small portion. Urgggg.  Today is weekend, means slow day with very little housework so ... I think tomorrow´s result will be very minimal or none at all.

Here´s for today

- Breakfast : Suppliment Drink, 1/2 Cheese/Ham Crepe
- Lunch : 1 Banana/Chocolate Crepe, 1 Poached Salmon, 1 Miso Soup
- Snacks : 2 Amicelli
- Dinner : Suppliment Drink
- Exercise : Made the Bed and Upload the Dishwasher
- Weight Lost Today : 0.3kg
- Total Lost Till Date : 2.1kg

Friday, 29 January 2010

Day Tenth´s Lunch : Warm Moroccon Couscous with Chicken & Turkey


It was only yesterday when I was jumping with joy over loosing 0.7kg overnight!  But, it was shortlived because I put them right back this morning :-(  BLAME it on a smalllll, tinyyyy, weenyyyyy piece of Turkey Schnitzel which I stole from hubby´s plate last night.  Oh damn.  How can a tiny piece of not more than 6cm diameter place such an impact!  So ... one day wasted but nothing can be done.  Today, I suddenly had the idea to cook Moroccon Style Couscous.  It turned out really, really delicious, so I took sometime taking better quality photos to be featured in my Imbi N Itchy blog.  For those new here, Imbi N Itchy is more about my travel tales, recipes and eating/drinking adventure during my travel experiences.  Over here, its about everything else to fill up the void.  You can think of it as Rubbish Bin. :-)

Anyway, let´s see what´s for today ...

- Breakfast : Suppliment Drink
- Lunch : Chicken & Turkey Warm Couscous
- Snacks : 3 Pcs Biscuits, 1 After Eight, 1 Apple, 1 Orange
Dinner : Suppliment Drink
Exercise : Made the Bed, Cleaned the Toilet, Sweep the Floor and Unload the Dishwasher
Weight Lost Today : +0.7kg (damnnnn that Schnitzel!)
Total Weight Lost Till Date : 1.7kg

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day Ninth´s Lunch : Chinese Style Stir Fry Vegetables


A plate full of green goodies today, and since Chinese New Year is around the corner - um, well ... it is actually 3 weeks away but I swear that I´m so into the mood already :-).  This is a traditional vege dish many household would serve right from Reunion Night Dinner all the way to Chap Goh Meh (the 15th Day of CNY).  Mine was stir fried simply with garlic and oh-so-yummy Dried Shrimps!  Also, today is a record breaking day of me loosing 0.7kg overnight! It was unbelievable at first which got me stepping on the scale a few times to check but yeah ... it reads 0.7kg lighter.  Funny thing is, I had a slice of Cream Roll for tea last night along with 50 grams of Raw Almond!  So here goes ...

- Breakfast : Suppliment Drink
- Lunch : Chinese Style Stir Fry Vegetables
- Snacks : 2 Amicelli, 1 Apple, 1 (s) Fruit Bread
- Dinner : Suppliment Drink, 1/2 Pcs Schnitzel
- Exercise : Made the Bed, Cleaned the Toilet, Wiped Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Guestroom and Studyroom, Mopped Entrance, Study and Bedroom, Laundry, Upload Dishwasher (I missed it last night) and Wiped Staircase
- Weight Lost Today : 0.7kg!!!
- Today Weight Lost till Date : 2.5kg!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day Eight´s Lunch : Brocolli Cheese Baked Fish with Brussel Sprouts


Today, I am feeling as though all my energy had been drained out from me.  Last nigth was my second night waking up in the middle of night.  Nothing to do with hunger pangs or whatsover, but I was awoken by the pain from my left arm, result from Monday´s SwineFlu jab.  Although the nurse mentioned that the pain will last only a day, I suspect me carting home 10kg of groceries by hand right after the jab did it.  Hope it goes away soon.  My eating habit for this counting calorie exercise is still going strong, thankfully but I must say that the urge to have a hot dinner together with my hubby is tempting.  And so, I helped myself to a small portion of pasta last night, in addition to my regular suppliment drink.  As of today, I hope to be able to stick to the following till the day ends:

- Breakfast : Suppliment Drink
- Lunch : Brocolli Cheese Baked Fish with Brussel Sprouts
- Snacks : 1 Apple, 1 Kiwi and 3 After Eights
Dinner : Suppliment Drink
Exercise : Upload the Dishwasher, Made the Bed, Cleaned the Toilet, Mopped the Floor, Wiped Top of Livingroom, Kitchen and Bedroom, Laundry
Weight Lost Today : 0.2kg
Total Weight Lost Till Date : 1.8kg


On another positive note, I will be flying off to Bangkok for massive eating, massaging and shopping in no more than 9 days! Woohoo!  And look what hubby got for Ashleen and Kaylee last night ? :-) The cutest ever Bowling Set for the 13 month toddler, and the full Cash Register Set for the Che Che (big sister) ... mind you, the money is in Euro and not in Ringgit!  The first currency she is learning to trade! Haha. Hope they love it.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Day Seventh´s Lunch : Turkey Puffs


Oh noooo, did blogger do something to the photo insertion feature?  I am hating it :-(  I mean, it is niee to have the help of resizing options with a click just below the photo but I simply can´t do it manually, and the reason why I don´t like it is because my photo´s are off different size.  Tsk, tsk, tsk ...

I just got back from outside.  Though its cold outside, around minus 7-8 but thankgod it is sunny, I could not help taking a walk to nearby KIKS and Tedi Store (local discounter) to go hunt for some small, small gifts for my niece Ashleen.  Me and Juergen spoil her silly.  Without fail, we would bring back 5-10 items each time when I fly back to Kuala Lumpur.  We would than surprise her each day with it.  It turned so bad that she started asking if there´s anymore gifts for her!  At that age of 6, material things should not be in her mind, isn´t it?  So anyway, I told her that THIS IS IT, the last time I am bring so many gifts to put her expectatin in place.  She sulked soon after of course, but I thought that is the best for her.  But guess what! I did it again just now.  I simply cannot help it!  I missed her a lot, really and seeing her jump with joy and excitement just makes my heart meltttt ....

So. Back to my counting calorie program.  I had again lost a bit of weight.  Not so much this time.  200 grams but better than nothing.  I assume last night´s Turkey Puff did it for me.  The temptation was so bad yesterday and I nearly downed the last two pieces too, but thankfull ... I prefevered and told myself, THIS will be my lunch tomorrow instead.  They are indeed yummy.

Here´s for today.

- Breakfast : Drink Suppliment
- Lunch : Two Turkey Puffs
- Snacks : 1 Kiwi, 1 Apple
- Dinner : Drink Suppliment + 1 Amicelli
- Exercise - 1km Walk, Cleaned the Toilet, Made the Bed, Mopped the Floor
- Weight Lost Today : 0.2kg
- Total Weight Lost Till Date : 1.6kg

Monday, 25 January 2010

Day Sixth´s Lunch : Schlemmer Fish in Italian Sauce

Breakfast today was slightly later than usual. Reason being is, I have to be in town late morning today and I did not want to risk getting hungry midway and in return, start heading to the nearest cafe to curb my hunger pangs. Everything worked well, except that I did the total opposite from what had been advised by the nurse tending to my swineflu jab. She had specifically advised me not to strained myself today : with housework or vice versa but I ended up carrying back a 10 kg worth of grocerise on foot. My neck feels a bit funny as I am writting this now, but I hope this is just it. Nothing too serious like getting fever or whatsover, so wish do pray for me!

As mentioned earlier, my walk to town were such a pretty sigh. Everything is covered with snow again after MIA-ing for a week. Oh, how I missed them! Here´s two pictures I snapped :-)

Since I was out, I could not be bothered to stand so long on the stove for my lunch. All I did after reaching home was putting this premade Italian Sauce Schlemmer Fisch in the oven to let it bake for 45 minutes. I have tried the breadcrumb version before and loved it. It tasted really fresh, and for the price of 1.5 Euro, it really is not too bad! But I must add that I prefer the breadcrumb version though ...
In addition, I picked up a few chocolate packets to satisfy my sweet tooth. From now on, I will allow myself 100 calorie worth of chocolates per day. Its not so bad considering I get to eat either 2 sticks of Amicelli, or 3 pieces of After Eight!

  • Breakfast : Drink Suppliment

  • Lunch : Schlemmer Fish in Italian Sauce

  • Snacks : 2 Sticks Amicelli, 1 Apple, 1 Persimmon

  • Dinner : Drink Suppliment + 1 Turkey Puff

  • Exercise : 3km walk, Made the Bed and pretty much nothing else today. As per advised by the nurse :-)

  • Total weight lost till date : 1.4kg

Oh btw, I weighted myself as usual early in the morning after my (ahem) toilet session and am glad to say that I am back in the RED. Means lighter. Its 0.3gram for today :-)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day Fifth´s Breakfast : Mushroom & Ham Omelette / Half Croissant

This morning, I woke up to 0.1 grams heavier! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-( And at times like this, I am thankful that everything is recorded so that I can study what went wrong. I also notice a trend. Each time I had a serving of fish with my suppliment drink, I tend to loose more. As for what happened yesterday, I can only point to my snacking habits, which was not necessary at all coz I was not hungry but greedy. An apple usually fills me up, and besides, it is health. But I ended up with extra helping of 3 boiled eggs (which I wanted to make salad with), and 150 grams of Raw Almond! Not good at all, so as off today, I will stay away from these two. Sorry Leen that your recommendation did not work. Maybe different body works differently ;-) I shall also observe if the eggs indeed made such a difference since I had two eggs this morning for my breakfast.


Since I started this, today was a record breaking for me in terms of putting the grams back. So, I vow to stick back strictly with fruits and suppliment drink coming lunch and dinner. Hope I will be dicipline enough!
  • Breakfast : Mushroom Omelette with Ham and Capsicum (300 calories), 1/2 croissant (260 calories!) - gosh, I never knew this little thing is such a devill!
  • Lunch : Suppliment Drink
  • Snacks : Apples, Kiwi, Pear
  • Dinner : Suppliment Drink
  • Exercise : Make the Bed
  • Total lost from start date : 1.1kg

Today is Sunday, hence its officially NO WORK DAY here in Germany. I will probably LAZE around on Sofa infront of Telly with hubby till bedtime :-) Haha. Nah, I will go search for something to do. Laundry, or uploading the dishwasher.

Have a nice sunday everyone!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Day Fourth´s Lunch : Fresh Champignon & Porcini Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil


Moving to day fourth which happen to fall on a weekend was easier than expected. It did help a lot that hubby was away at work today, which meant that I have the free hand to prepare whatever I want to eat. I find that this holds true to a lot ladies I came across. While we can get by something light and soupy with lots of vegetables, my other half unfortunately needs his daily carbo to get by. I do most of the cooking, and though at times I would go all the way out to cook something that I fancy (but not so much my hubby´s fav, he´s not a fish or seafood fan), I´d usually strike a balance in between with meat, noodles and vegetables. It takes a toll on my body after a while hence ... this exercise. Today, I woke up to 0.5kg lighter. It was drastic drop I know, but strangely I felt energized and full the whole of yesterday. I am a bit concern over the amount of nutrients thought but the content from the replacement drink I am taking seems to have enough of it. So far, there isn´t much side effect except that I was thirsty last night, resulting me in gulping down LOTS of water. Other than that, taking lots of veg, fruits and fish. Moving on, here´s for today :

  • Protein Shake (200 calories, and not 100 calories which earlier read!)
  • Champignon & Porcini Soup (120 calories)
  • 3 Hardboiled Eggs (I loveeee hardboiled eggs!) (300 calories)
  • Protein Shake (200 calories), 1 Apple (80 calories), 1 Kiwi (40 calories), 150 grams Raw Almond (300 calories)
  • Exercise - I took it easy today. Made the bed, cleaned the kitchen, upload the dishwasher and walked to the shop (about 1km to/fro)
  • Total lost till date : 1.2kg

Its my fourth day but I´m loosing 1.3kg already.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Day Three´s Lunch : Steamed Salmon with Brocolli and Carrots

I am happy to report that my stomach is now FLAT. Just like that! It was not like, I ate nothing. I did, and yesterday was one of those days where the urge was stronger than anything, and I downed a banana, an apple and a small bowl of noodles/broccoli/chicken to curb my hunger pangs. And how much less did I weight this morning? A good 0.3kilos! And btw, I have YET to finish up my laundry thingy ... hahaha. Hubby was also glad and said `you are MOST welcome to take over the toilet cleaning and other of my duty, anytime!`

MEN. Therefor, I shall leave the toilet chores (the smellier ones, haha!) and handle only the light wiping to exercise my arms.


So here goes .... my plan for today.
  • Breakfast : Protein Shake (200 calories)
  • Lunch : Steamed Salmon (133 calories for 100 grams) with Brocolli and Carrots (I assume around 100 calories more?)
  • Dinner : Mushroom Soup (60 calories), 1 Protein Shake (200 calories)
  • Snacks : 100 gm Raw Almond (190 calories), 1 Pear (80 calories)

I wiped the toilet as mentioned. Also, wiped the staircase, and incase you´re wondering why am I cleaning it everyday, well .. it is white in colour! I think I will go vacumm the living room after this and afterwhich, I will probably take a stroll to town with hubby to do some banking. So I guess, that will be 3km of walk worth plus ... who knows what else. I hope hubby will stay away from visiting a cafe coz if he does, I will have to really resist ordering something! Argggg. Tomorrow will be challenging. Why? Coz, hubby is home and it is difficult to carry on my plan without him giving me the look that I am going overboard. But hey, I feel healthy and lighter, so ... it is okay, right?

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Oh btw, a friend of mine recommended me to snack on raw almonds. It seems that they are high in anti-oxidants which protect my body from damage due to free radicals. That´s great :-)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day Two´s Lunch : Green Curry Scallops & Prawns


The progress so far had been okay. I felt a bit giddy this morning after my Protein Shake hence I cooked myself a bit of rice to accompany my lunch but I did not finished them. As for the whole report ... here goes.

Breakfast : Protein Shake (120 calorie)

Lunch : Green Curry Scallops, Prawns and Small Portion Rice (350 calorie, estimates)

Dinner : Protein Shake (120 calorie) + Small Portion Brocolli / Chicken Noodle (250 calorie), 1 Apple (80 Calorie) and 1 Bananan (120 Calorie)

Exercise : Cleaned the Toilet, Upload the Dishwasher, Cleaned the Staircase, Wiped the Office Room, Walked 3km to/fro Town, lugged a heavy grocery back (unplanned for btw) and TO FINISH UP the clothes folding.

Incase you are wondering how could this plate carry less than 350 calories, I guess substituting coconut milk to normal milk makes a difference. Anyway, it is just for record to keep my daily calorie intake to be low. This morning, I woke up to 0.5kg lighter. I cannot believe it! But yeah, it is probably water so don´t get too excited. I downed almost 2 litres of water yesterday, and for today, 1 litre so far. Now that I am frantically searching for housework to do, I am afraid I am going to spoil my hubby here soon. Ah.

See how it goes tomorrow!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day One´s Lunch : Steam Fish with Breadcrumbs Topping


Breakfast : Protein Shake (120 calorie)
Lunch : Steam Fish (208 calorie, according to the packaging)
Dinner : Protein Shake - again (120 calorie) + 1 Apple (80 calorie)

Extra : 1 cup of raisins, 1 Apple, 1 Roasted Potato (without oil)
Exercise : Mopped the Floor (Living, Kitchen and Walkwalk), Wiped off Dust from Bedroom, Livingroom, Kitchen and Entrance, Cleaned 2 toilets and Folding Clothes (I HATE DOING THIS!)
Also, I finished only half the Folding Clothes Chore ...

Due to the fact that I will be heading back to KL to glutton up like there´s no tomorrow, I have decided to embark on Calorie Counting and Exercising to shed some pounds beforehand. Let´s see if I´ll get some positive results tomorrow ;-P

p/s : Even if its a gram!

pp/s : Oh gosh ... my stomach is growwwling RIGHT NOW although I´ve just ate THIS huge chunk of fish 30 minutes ago!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bringing Cheer Into Our Home ...

with Narcissus ...


Pink Tulips ...


and exotic coloured Calla ...


A lot are happening in the past week in my homeland and it is just so depressing for me to hear that some things just don´t change. Look closely everyone, there is an agenda behind it all and extremist, oh please ... Allah is strong enough to defend him/herself yeah, or not? Does it have to reach the point for bombing another religious institution to uphold the name of God? What you are doing not only bring threat to the country, you are telling the whole world how vulnerable your god is that mere mortals have to take action? I simply do not understand why I am able to say Allah here in Europe, Middle East and even Indonesia whom happen to be the most populous Muslim Nation in the world but I can´t, in my homeland. It is not a religious issue here ultimately, but cultural issue. Grow up people and take it like a confident religious person as how your god wants you too.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mama´s Quiet 70th Birthday Celebration

Sometimes, what we planned does not always happen the way we want it. Take for instance Mama´s 70th Birthday Celebration. It is apparently a big thing when one turns 70 here. A bash in a restaurant with friends and family are expected, with bubbles flowing fluidlessly ... We could have organised them for her, if not her wanting Papa to be stress free just for one day. Or even one night. This is my mother-in-law, Mama Else Elisabeth Winter. Always thoughtful, always caring, always giving and putting her needs and wants behind anyone else. She is one of those woman whom at 70 is still trying her best everyday to learn, be inspired, laugh everyday and above all, be greatful for what is presented. She wakes up every morning at 7am, monitors and care for his 6 feet 5 and over 250 pounds stroke / diabetic husband with a big smile and not break a single sweat. And that exclude her daily chore of cleaning the big house, and maintaining a garden as big as half our unit upstairs. It is her that we had decided to stay put in Germany when hubby presented me an option to relocate to warmer land since my health deteriorated after arriving in this new found land.

At around 11am last Sunday, Mama summon hubby downstairs for a little Piper Heidsick! I have no idea how much got into his system but all I remembered was seeing him flushed pink when he return upstairs an hour later. Dirk whom drove all the way from Camen with his girlfriend Karola will be joining us too, and it is Karola´s first time visiting. I guess Mama got a bit nervous meeting her future daughter in law and had a bit more to drink to prep herself up? Ahhh ... quanch. I think she just love the fuzzy feeling.

Dirk and Karola arrive right at the dotted time for coffee session. We shared a few stories over Frische Himbeertorte mit Schmand (Fresh Rasberry and Cream Cake) which hubby earlier picked up from the store. Es schmeckte sehr gut! We thought we are stopping at that since dinner is just 2 hours away until Mama brought out a large tray of cakes. Self baked. Stuffed were such an understatement. Mama loved the Birthday Card I designed! She was so touched and thought I´d put in countless hours making them but in actual fact, it was a last minute thingy and I was too undetermined to brave thru the snowstorm just for a card (bad me). Anyway, doesn´t the flowers all look familiar??? Take a wild guess where the pictures come from. The winner will win a bouquet right from our garden. Ahem. Dirk and Karola came with a surprise too. It was over few hundred calories heavier, but alert nevertheless when Dirk read out a story he specially composed for his mum. It was a touching moment yet again from the Kocks family with fond memories from their younger days but sad to say, I had not understood it 100%. Perhaps next year, I hope. I left them all later to explore Mama´s new toy (we got her a Sony Camera!) while I go upstairs to prepare the party food above for the evening.

I love that feeling. That Mama´s having both her boys beside her with her beloved husband, and her future daughter in law and her cute daughter in law. Moi. She thanked all of us profusely again and again, clearly appreciating what we had done for her but to me, it is nothing compared to what she had given us in the rest of the 364 days. I wish for her to be healthy, happy and be filled with love every single day. I love you Mama and thank you for loving me back.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Winter and Lunch Post

I recently found out that I had contracted early stage of Asthma. Not good news at all and so demoralising considering I received the report on 3rd day of New Year. Well, nothing can be done now to reverse that, can it? And so, one of the things I have been doing lately was taking a slow walk to town. Town is not more than 1km away and although its freaking cold right now, it seems that taking in the fresh air helps. I also brought my camera along to capture how it looks like here during Winter.

This is the small entrance to Schloss (Castle) viewed from town. It is also where we had our wedding last year.

I would normally pass by this monument, head left and bypassing a handful of up-scale beautiful home before reaching ours after the school compound. I love using this residential area route as I love admiring the houses there, the roads leading to our place is curvy hence, its kinda romantic (sort of remind me of The Romantic Road downsouth). In addition, there is also a river running along it too, just right next to the school. But only when the road is not too icy ... otherwise, it can get pretty challenging walking home without snowboots.

If I don´t have my snowboots on, I would normall use this route lined by shops and bicycle lane home. Not so interesting as the earlier, but it is straight and are normally shovelled nicely for walking or cycling.

I would usually grab a bun with pineapple topping or apple topping for lunch whenever I am in town coz it is no fun eating alone. Besides, I love chomping and oogling at the shops. How asian of me :-) But on that particular day, which happen to be just two days ago, I could not help walking in to this cafe for a bite upon spotting Spare Ribs on the buffet menu!

A bowl of vegetable and noodle soup to kick start.

Light, refreshing vinegratte cucumber salad, and plain old coleslaw ...

And this is it ... for what I came in for. Spare Ribs. But how dissapointing. I am still sucker for good, ole American Style BBQ Sauce when it comes to the marinade. This marinade tasted awful, to the point that I hardly finished my second rack. But the accompanying fries were good though. A couple of other items were in the buffet offering too but I passed them on. It may seem like such a waste to not explore further but really, this buffet priced around 6 Euro is really affordable considering a simple Pizza in a Turkish ran Cafe cost just as much. Besides, my clothes have been getting tight all around lately hence control is called for.

I walked a bit more around town before heading home. Our home is always warm, between 18-22 C, depending the time of the day. It is with this temperature that one can enjoy the winter white snow outside TO THE FULLEST. No worry of any repercussions

Hubby had on a Finnish Flag for December month. The idea behind this choice is, Santa Clause is from Finland hence ...

And shoved our walkway and driveway to perfection ... :-)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Three Kings Visited - and I thought I should take down the Christmas Decor


The Three (ahem, FOUR) Kings came, they sang Good King Wenceslas and they gave us good wishes for the year :-)

Friday, 1 January 2010

How We Spent our Silvester aka New Year´s Eve!

We started having a Berliner session (that´s German intepretation of Doughnuts) at 3pm followed by Black Jack session! Both hubby and I wrapped up countless, small gift along with Mama for the prize win. There is a total of more than 35 prizes but as how it is (always), gambling is not my thing. I won a Gurken (yeap, only 1 and not a bottle!), a cube of chocolate, a packet of biscuit, a packet of orange juice and Haribo. It was fun though and had everyone laughing in stitches! I fixed dinner after our gambling session and we had them over TV in our living room. Here´s what we feasted on!

LOTS of Nachos and Barbecue Pork Ribs!

With some sides of Potatoes, Zucchini and Tomatoes.

We were flipping the channels front and back for some interesting programs but sad to say, nothing memorable UNTIL we chance upon LIVE Performances from Silvester Party all the way from Brandenburger Tor in Berlin and so we PUMPED UP the VOLUME TO THE MAX and it was AWESOME! Lots of Party Music aka Sclagermusik which a lot of yuppies here frown upon (coz some of its beat reminiscene ones to the days of Modern Talking era and easy lyrics to sing too after all those beers!) but heyyyy ... ITS PARTY TIME! Here´s one of my favourite! Haha!

Ich lieg gern im Gras, und schau zum Himmel rauf!

Schau die ganzen Wolken nicht lustig aus?

Und fliegt en Flieger vorbei, dann wink ich zu ihm rauf.

"Hallo Flieger!"

Und bist du auch noch dabei, dann bin ich super drauf!

Und Ich flieg, flieg, flieg wie ein Flieger,

Bin so stark, stark, stark wie ein Tiger

Und so groß, groß, groß wie ne Giraffe

So hoch oh, oh, oh!

Und Ich spring, spring, spring immer wieder

Und Ich schwimm, schwimm, schwimm zu Dir rüber

Und Ich nehm, nehm, nehm Dich bei der Hand,

Weil Ich Dich mag

Und Ich sag

Heut ist so ein schöner Tag la-la-la-la-la

Heute st so ein schöner Tag la-la-la-la-la

Heut ist so ein schöner Tag la-la-la-la-la

The countdown was GREAT! Ahaus came to LIVE when midnight struck 12 with more than 10 household celebrating them with personal fireworks! I caught everything on video but unfortunately, it refuse to play when I download them! Arg! The fireworks were lovelyyyyy, lovellyyyyy and oh, sooo beautiful against the snow white backdrop which had earlier fell for hours and hours. We PUMPED the music up further and so did many homes last night :-) And danced silly on our mini trampoline! Haha! And finally, slumped ourselve to bed coz cannot take no moreeee. We slept like a log. As for today, e went down early this morning to go wish Mama and Papa Gutes Neues Jahr AND ... received nuggety golden surprise :-) Vielen Dank Mama und Papa! And to you all, Happy New Year! Good health, peace and love to all!