Wednesday, 11 November 2009

To my beloved Mum ...

This photo was taken a few days before she was discharged from the hospital. As you can see here, she was in a lot of pain due to the surgery still.


And ... this was taken a few days after she got discharged. According to her, she was in pain still but like anyone else, hates the hospital and that actually made a lot of difference to how she felt. It also made difference when two very handsome (her exact words) doctor lifted her to the non-height adjustable bed during her final checkup! She was so smitten to the point of asking if they are both single???!!!



Hehe ...

Anyway, my mum want to thank those whom forwarded their well wishes here and some in Facebook. Now that she is a lot better ... I will be flying home really soon to be with my hubby again.


  1. Lianne,
    It's good to see your mum looking better and feeling better now.
    met vriendelijke groeten (best regards),
    Chai Leng

  2. Thanks Chai Leng! How's are you recovering?

  3. hi i am the one with the that 'nasty' comment. love this post, I sincerely wish you and your mother well.


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