Sunday, 22 November 2009

Spring 2010 Flower Bulbs Planting Session

Me and hubby planted the flower bulbs from my purchase in Holland few weeks ago,
just before I left for Malaysia. I figured, better do it before winter ... in the event the weather decides to run amok with snow and all. Who knows eh.


Instead of planting them in a straight line which we always do, we decided to get
creative this time round with circles! But one major prob which we have to address later. What are we going to do with the bare area?


So here´s to our Spring Garden next year. I hope to see you in Spring lil Ms. Tulips, Allium, Ranunkels, Crocus and Scala, deal?


  1. i like your blog template... did you create this on your own? Awesome :) simple and nice.

  2. Hi! I was just browsing yours and was thinking .. oh man, I want your template. How did you do that? With the special folders and all, and all with blogspot? Yeah .. I created mine but more on the layout. The girl was from some sites .-)

  3. Hehehe Lianne, i got mine from Deluxetemplates - here is the link.

    I enjoy reading your blog :) Like the travelogue / eating-logue @ the same time.

  4. What a gem! I never knew such sites existed :-) Now, I am busy searching for the word About in the HTML code. Hehe.


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