Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cool Segwey during Hubby´s Company Expansion Party

The occassion was to celebrate the company´s relocation and expansion. Apart from the wonderful German food and drinks served last night (lots of yummy medallion, lots of schitzel, lots of white asparagus, lots of brussel sprouts, lots of potatoes and oh yeah ... lots of German BEER ), two other things were particularly memorable.

One is visiting the super power plant located right in the middle of the company compound. But sad to say ... it was way under utilised. Why? Because, this use to be the space for the army and they needed them to do ... hmmm, I guess whatever they need to do but hubby´s company needed the space to produce tipping trailer only. And as you know, tipping trailers are hugeeeeee hence, the space was really a good change. We spent a good 2 hours visiting each of the departments.


Secondly is ... his boss arranged two form of entertainment for the guest! One being a shooting range where you can KILL, KILL and KILL more boars. And the other is this! Riding the SEGWEY!!! A quick check on the internet describe it as a Personal Transporters (PTs) and it represents the next generation in clean, personal mobility, offering a speed of up to 20kmph!

To put it simply ... it is a darn cool personal transport which one balances on standing upright, and needs only to tilt your body forward to move forward, tilt backward to stop, or moving your steer left or right for other direction. My first round around the course which the organiser prepared were a bit scary because this vehicle is sensative! It felt as though you might tip over with just a bit of movement from either your hand, leg or body. Tense up a little bit and it may jolt a little, go too fast and you may loose control at the turn. But after warming up and getting the rhythm right, it is like riding a bicycle. It was super cool!


We were soooo addicted that we sneaked off during certain presentation to go get our ride fix! Me and hubby went a couple of rounds, each lasting as long as we want and oh boyyy .. how I wish we could cart this back home. Not cheap though ... almost 8K each, in EURO. If you are like me - no way going to buy one just for the thrill coz lets face it, top up a little more and you get a new car. Anyway, if you happen to be in this area and want to give it a try ... some German cities here offer them as a guided city tour ride around 25 Euro per hour.

Do try if you spot them! You will loveeee the experience ... trust me.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Spring 2010 Flower Bulbs Planting Session

Me and hubby planted the flower bulbs from my purchase in Holland few weeks ago,
just before I left for Malaysia. I figured, better do it before winter ... in the event the weather decides to run amok with snow and all. Who knows eh.


Instead of planting them in a straight line which we always do, we decided to get
creative this time round with circles! But one major prob which we have to address later. What are we going to do with the bare area?


So here´s to our Spring Garden next year. I hope to see you in Spring lil Ms. Tulips, Allium, Ranunkels, Crocus and Scala, deal?

What is better than a bottle of Champagne ...


A plate of hot Nasi Lemak Bungkus and piping hot Keropok Lekur, served with Milo Ais - KAU.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Haley's Pink Party in Bijou


Haley's daddy and aunt is an old friend of mine. Though we had lost touched due to relocation (Haley's mum and dad being Singapore base), meeting up after all these years still feels good and warm. Just like old times. Anyway, I did not hesitate a minute to meet up after receiving the invite from Haley's daddy as who knows when we will get the chance again ...

The party ... well, all I can say is ... Haley, their first born is one lucky baby!

I don't remember growing up having a party complete with customised invitation card (the one showned above), cute baby cakes, yummy Macadamia birthday cake and other delicious bites -and all being held in a nice white cafe, adorned with my favourite childhood colour. Pink. I only remembered blowing candles into a standard birthday cake with garish colour and eating lots of red stained coloured food such as hardboiled eggs and agar agar. But if one were to have a mummy whom happen to be an award winning photographer cum designer in Singapore, I guess all details will not slip through her fingers :-)


To me, it was more than Haley's 1st birthday party. It was a gathering of old friends with not just Leslie (Haley's dad) being present, but also Sook Mei (Haley's aunt), Joyce (ex-schoolmate), May (ex-schoolmate) and Helena (ex-party-mate) ... ahem.


The food was good. I would say that the catered food were geared more towards the adults. The Aglia Oglio were particularly spicy but good! Al dente and all ... it is such a simple dish but yet, I could not get it right. I was rather impressed with their Chicken Caesar Salad too. The caramalised Balsamic Vinegar actully lent an impressive smoky, sweet flavour to the usual bland salad leaves.


Bijou's Grilled Chicken Wings and Chicken Kebabs were really good too. Too bad that it was not served hot, otherwise could have been better. The Baby Scones were the first to finish. It was cute alright especially after smouldering sinful amount of cream and strawberry jams in them. Unlike all my 36-24-36 friends, I ATE A LOT.


Thanks Leslie and Allison for the invite! It was indeed a pretty pink party with lots of yummy food to enjoy. And boyyy ... it was my first time being in a room filled with so much pink especially guys in pink! Surely an event to remember :-)

For those interested to have their prenant stage or any other family related memory captured, do check out Allison's work here. Really impressive!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Joyce and Shirley's Birthday Celebration

The oysterettes recently gathered in H's house for a lil birthday celebration last weekend. I was glad I was able to join in. After all, the last time we met were last May during my wedding in KL Hilton and that was agessss ago! Anyway, I quickly arranged for my sister's helper to come down to my unit to help my dad to transfer my mum to bed during bedtime the moment I heard about this occassion. Well .. you can say that I was really, really excited to meet them again!
Seen here : Colin trying his best to blow his mummy's birthday candles out but instead "kar liew"
H whom recently moved to her new place in Mont Kiara gave us specific instruction for the night. Just bring yourself and nothing else! Arggg ... I though that was tough coz I had earlier planned to bring something over. But knowing her ... when she's incharge, never underestimate the amount of food she prepares. And so, I played it safe. I arrived at her new pad on time and boyyyyy ... I was totally smitten by her place. It was gorrrgeous! The area, smacked at the other corner of Mont Kiara facing a hill of green were breathtaking, but that was not it. The whole development was very well done and the pool ... don't get me started with the pool area! She and her hub also did a great job doing up their place, and furnishing them with loveeeely pieces of furniture of soothing hues. I was in love.


Enough of swooning at her place eh ... lets move on to food. H, as usual ... prepared an array of local and western delight for 5 adults and 2 kids. We had Sushi Rolls (and this itself filled us up pretty quickly!), Damansara Jaya Rojak (yeah, the one from the Uncle infront of Atria and boyyyy ... it is still good after all this years!), Lasagne (from Delicious I think) , Salmon and Cheese Quiche (also from Delicious), Kentucky Fried Chicken (I miss this too!), Pad Thai Noodle, Potato and Pasta Salad, Leafy Salad, Stinky Blue Cheese (which I stayed awayyyy ..yuckkk) and Durian Puff! Yummmmm!


Whenever I am with the girls ... loud Yum Seng follow suit. It is a trademark within our group irregardless of location or occassion! The Lindemann which H opened up were nicely chilled.


And soooo for the birthday, we did what we did best ... ate, gave presents, take photo and chat, chat, chat away ... and what was suppose to be gathering till 10 (because of the kids) ended much later ...


Well ... everything have to come to an end eh. And so we parted after the session and hope to meet again before I leave next week. I hope.

To my beloved Mum ...

This photo was taken a few days before she was discharged from the hospital. As you can see here, she was in a lot of pain due to the surgery still.


And ... this was taken a few days after she got discharged. According to her, she was in pain still but like anyone else, hates the hospital and that actually made a lot of difference to how she felt. It also made difference when two very handsome (her exact words) doctor lifted her to the non-height adjustable bed during her final checkup! She was so smitten to the point of asking if they are both single???!!!



Hehe ...

Anyway, my mum want to thank those whom forwarded their well wishes here and some in Facebook. Now that she is a lot better ... I will be flying home really soon to be with my hubby again.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Our Last BBQ for 2009

Me and hubby grilled away the week before I left for Geneva. The weather as I remembered them were already turning chilly hence we took the opportunity to enjoy what's left of 2009. Here's what we had ...
  • Grilled German Wurst (which is a must during BBQ here!)
  • Teriyaki Prawn Skewers with Sesame Seeds


  • Grilled Turkey Breast with Black Pepper and Butter. Turned out really yummy!
  • Japanese Potato Salad but with normal mayo dressing instead of the fame Japanese Mayo.
  • And ... Steamed Green Curry Paste and Ginger Fish.


We finished them off with our favourite Riesling Wine. Perfect.