Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cool Trolleybags from Lufthansa Miles and More Catalog!

The new Lufthansa Catalog is out and I could not be more excited! Due to hubby being made to carry my handluggage in the recent Stockholm trip to/fro from Airport and in between - and my luggage bag is, well ... without the roller kind :-), hubby agreed to use some of his Lufthansa Mileage points to claim any of the following for me!

The first one I fell in love with is Mini Trolley (179 Euro or 46,000 Miles) from Mini Cooper! Damnnn cool but its kinda big as a handluggage. Since the airports here have strict regulation, there´s no point getting them and seeing them collect dust, right? I kinda like this Italian Business Trolley call Piquadro but elkkk ... 249 Euro or 64,000 Miles leh. Can almost fly back to Asia, I think.


Hubby suggested me to get the Wenger Laptroptrolley Patriot (179 Euro/46,000 Miles) since I am such a Swiss Logo fan :-) I kinda like this one too but the compartments inside seems more suitable for a businessman. And than, I spotted a super cuteeee Samsonite Solana Businessbag (170 Euro / 44,000 Miles). Not bad at all! And it is the reputable Samsonite, which me and hubby both had been using independently and are fairly happy with its quality.


Than, there is THIS special Lufthansa AdventureLine edition which is ohhhh sooo practical :-) Combining both the trolley bag, and a handcarry, what I loveeee about it is abling to zip both of them up to combine them as one! What a genious design! Besides, its only 109 Euro or 29,000 Miles to claim.


Or should I get the Knomo Trolley so that hubby will lay his hands off???!!! Haha.

But hmmmm ... 249 Euro or 64,000 Miles is a bit too much isn´t it?


  1. Hi there,
    I bought the Adventureline at Lufthansa and loved it. The zip gave up a little bit, so sent back to repair - and somehow they told is irreparable and throwed it away without my asking!!!
    Do you know where could I get the same bag again? It is not available at worldshop any more...

  2. Hi Evalotta, I googled and found some listing under Craigslit. Perhaps you can give it a try there. Good luck.


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