Tuesday, 25 August 2009

GEFRO Soup, Sauces and Seasoning Freebies

Mama gave me another surprise today. She had apparently enrolled my name to receive free food goodies for trial and tasting from companies around here. She passed me a box after explaining what she did and so I though, okayyyy ... another one of those mini packet stuff which is so common back in my homeland. The companies usually produce them in smallest sachet ever and distribute them to as many household possible or even better, attach the freebies in magazine to reach out to as many readers as possible. The box on my hand was probably stuffed with LOTS of brochures etc ... I thought.

BUT ... it is apparently different here in Germany.

It is actual size my friend. With only a booklet for information. No feedback required too!


The bio range which unfortunately was not included seem interesting :-) Anyone heard of this brand?


  1. Ah, This is awesome! Clarifies
    some misnomers I've heard

  2. Yes I have and my mom got me into it also. When I go home to visit I buy so much and bring it back home. Very delicious and great for vegan/vegetarian.


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