Monday, 3 August 2009

Colourful Harvest, AGAIN


Time to up my vege and fruit intake. My migrane is getting from bad to worst. I´ve came across many home remedies site recommending one to drink juices from grapes and detoxing oneself with lots of fruits and vegetables as remedy. I am feeling sluggish lately too. Hence, off I went downstairs yesterday to harvest a lil something to kick start. With Mama´s help, I harvested three Kohl Rabi, a bunch of green and purple beans (such shortie I know), a zucchini flower which was broken when I spot them hence picking it up and one tomato. Time to get cooking in the kitchen and get a bit well :-)


  1. Hey, you have purple Kohlrabi! Is the flesh inside white or purplish? We've only light green Kohlrabi here with white flesh - love to stir-fry it with olive oil or butter, or oven-bake with a roast.

    First tasted tempura zucchini flower in Italy - instantly loved it!

  2. WOW!!! Nice job Lianne. I am gonna grow some veggie in my sis's garden soon. How's your migrane going?? I do get it from time to time...but usually am ok after few hours of rest in a dark quiet room.

  3. its the one with white flesh Jy and it is still sitting on our counter. don´t know how to cook them. will follow your method, thanks!

  4. welcome to the gardening world, you are great at it! btw, i am only showing you the nice part lah, behind the kohl rabi are holes, eaten by the bugs here .. ewww .. but i guess this is how its like if one wants their vege to be organic loh. today, no migraine yet. it normally strikes harder in the evening. i am wondering if its got to do with staying too long on PC?

  5. You can also eat Kohlrabi raw - sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper and maybe a few drops of olive oil. Or cook it like how you'd cook 'sengkuang' or Chinese turnip (jicama).

    The same goes for fennel (Fenchel) and little round red radishes (Radisien) which are so pretty. :)

  6. yes, i have tried them raw and loveeeed it. love the mustardy taste :-) now that you mention i can cook them like sengkuang .. i cannot wait to get my hands to turn them into popiah!


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