Friday, 31 July 2009

Project Office Room Plan One

now that our little office room is back to civilisation since two days ago,
i am ready to kick start a few mini projects to vamp up the room :-) tell me what you
think of the following ...

storing our travel memorillas in pre-made boxes like these. we have tonnes of memorillas
from our travel and they seem to be here and there. i thought this is a good idea
to have them all in one box, provided they are not too huge -
of which any saint person will not cart back such when travelling ... so yeah, with this,
we just have to figure out where to display them and we already know where :-)
I like the idea of having a sorter for our incoming mails and a huge calender
pasted on the wall. but this would mean that our four world clock have to go,
or perhaps I will just have to relocate them to else where.
Hmmm .. will have to figure out this one, really.
flowers on desk looks lovely too, don´t you think?
my books and magazine! they are everywhere.
okay, okay .. i shall do this immediately coz its the easiest. just got to locate
them all over the house and place them in one spot.
we have tonnes of photos in our PC, you know ... the ones from our wedding
and travel but sadly, no one (even ourselves) sees them often enough.
I´d say, bring them out and display them like how they do it here :-)


I do have lots of ribbons. I stock them because giving gift is a culture
here and it is such a nice touch to wrap up or vamp up the gift when
visiting someone for dinner, for a birthday or name day! (more on that later)
Mind you, both of us are in a 9 person stammtisch group which
means that we´ve almost something on every month ..
we soooo need this.
or perhaps a gift wrapping centre would solve the problem?
actually, i really love the idea of having a personal craft area.
the amount of DIY projects available online is really killing me.
hubby loved this idea! he is, after all a map enthusiast and
collects every single piece of map from the city whereever he travels.
not to mention the photographs he/me/we took ...
and wouldn´t it be a good idea if we were to have this huge map to pin our
travel photo on the location we´ve just visited?
there´s more but lets say .. this is the first part ...

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  1. Some really good ideas, Martha ... oops, Lianne!


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