Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Our tomatoes are growing well ...


Moving on to something a little chirpier on another rainy day here, amidst nursing the queen´s visit and having just gone thru tonnes of reads about what is going on politically in Malaysia ...

Hey ... check out our tomato plants we planted few months back :-) Its growing well, looking plump and all but not edible yet except for the two small red tomatoes which I got so excited over BUT only to discover that it was actually a PRANK from Mama.

She manage to make my day, again :-)


  1. gorgeous i love tomato sanwics! i use jap mayo instead of butter. haha.. so sinful though healthy hor?:P

  2. so sinful though healthy ..:-) love the sound of it and more food should be in this category too! hor?


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