Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I need a drink ...


Reason ;

a) Weather had been gloomy lately. Even when the sun´s out, it would take only mere seconds for it to change. Going out seems like a chore. Must remember to wear jacket with hood, bring umbrella just incase and the thought of getting caught in the rain ... bleh.

b) The state of our office room is CHAOS. There is so much I wanna do, but can´t because we have long term plan here. We have to make do with whatever current furniture pieces here which I have grown tired as it is dark and gloomy. I should also be happy that my package from Malaysia has arrived. All my photos and nic-nacs, but where to store them? Hub will be relocating some of his stuff to elsewhere just for me, but why am I still not getting my act together?

c) Sourcing for a pleasant accomodation in Stockholm proves to be a challenge with the budget we have. The endless pages of website I´ve been throught is making my head spin. It is either the ones that we like are fully booked, or I get over excited when being told its available but only to be told later its not. And I have to go throught the whole process again.

It is no wonder that I´ve been getting severe headache lately. No tigerbalm or Minyak Cap Kapak can cure it so today, instead of cooking something elaborate, I pan fryed some ready made pesto based prawn. I also sliced up the avocado I´d picked up from the discounted bin in K&K last week and could not believe how creamy and yummy it taste. It got me wondering why the germans eat only the moderately ripe ones. As of late, I have been getting myself addicted to this Sesame Toast ala Swedish style which in a way is a good thing since we will be vacationing in Stockholm soon. Perhaps, it really is such an expensive city that we have to resort to only toast for our meal :-P

But what really perked me up this morning is a glass of Swiss White and homemade Pina Colada. Told ya ... I really DO need it.

Have a nice week ahead everyone. Prost :-)


  1. Try having these sesame toast with a slice of young cheese / cumin cheese. The mixture of cumin and sesame reminds me of muruku!

    Lannie Loke

  2. That looks good. :)
    Relax, girl. Hope you're getting much better already!

  3. poor thang.. hope ur headaches sorted soon along with the accomodation! happy wkd.


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