Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cup + Cino, Revisit


Me and hub stop by Cup + Cino near his workplace last weekend again. Hub had to put in extra hours on Saturday since his two colleagues are away for summer holidays and I happily voluntered to tag along to this town, but instead of heading to his office, I requested him to drop me to the shopping street in Coesfeld instead. The day turned out gloomy with light rizzle, but thankfully, there were enough shops to entice me in. before knowing it, I was doing some fun shopping in Nana Nano, a brick brack shop where I found another colourful PINK piggy bank to add to my family of five. All the major shops were having some sort of sale thus, I also ended up buying a lovely brown faux leather jacket from C&A at only 19Euro! Not needed coz I have tones of jacket in my closet but I LOVE the colour, shape and cut! I also came home with a cow shape butter dish, and OMG ... it is the cutest design /invention ever! The only prob is, it only fits french butter (tall and slim) and my regular supermarket only stock up german ones which are flatter and fat. Hum.

Back to food ... this was what we had. I though the Weiner Scnitzel (4.90 Euro) was worth every penny paid. It was fresh and well portioned. Hub thinks that their Salami Pizza (4.50 Euro) was rather normal. We polished them off under an hour as hub needs to rush over to a friend´s place to help him pack up for his move to Nurnberg.

As for me, I happily arrive home to try on my faux leather jacket :-)

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  1. What's a Weiner Scnitzel? I looked like fish n chips to me :D


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