Friday, 31 July 2009

Project Office Room Plan One

now that our little office room is back to civilisation since two days ago,
i am ready to kick start a few mini projects to vamp up the room :-) tell me what you
think of the following ...

storing our travel memorillas in pre-made boxes like these. we have tonnes of memorillas
from our travel and they seem to be here and there. i thought this is a good idea
to have them all in one box, provided they are not too huge -
of which any saint person will not cart back such when travelling ... so yeah, with this,
we just have to figure out where to display them and we already know where :-)
I like the idea of having a sorter for our incoming mails and a huge calender
pasted on the wall. but this would mean that our four world clock have to go,
or perhaps I will just have to relocate them to else where.
Hmmm .. will have to figure out this one, really.
flowers on desk looks lovely too, don´t you think?
my books and magazine! they are everywhere.
okay, okay .. i shall do this immediately coz its the easiest. just got to locate
them all over the house and place them in one spot.
we have tonnes of photos in our PC, you know ... the ones from our wedding
and travel but sadly, no one (even ourselves) sees them often enough.
I´d say, bring them out and display them like how they do it here :-)


I do have lots of ribbons. I stock them because giving gift is a culture
here and it is such a nice touch to wrap up or vamp up the gift when
visiting someone for dinner, for a birthday or name day! (more on that later)
Mind you, both of us are in a 9 person stammtisch group which
means that we´ve almost something on every month ..
we soooo need this.
or perhaps a gift wrapping centre would solve the problem?
actually, i really love the idea of having a personal craft area.
the amount of DIY projects available online is really killing me.
hubby loved this idea! he is, after all a map enthusiast and
collects every single piece of map from the city whereever he travels.
not to mention the photographs he/me/we took ...
and wouldn´t it be a good idea if we were to have this huge map to pin our
travel photo on the location we´ve just visited?
there´s more but lets say .. this is the first part ...

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Going Chinese ...


Nothing much is happening here except cooking, photo taking, planning for our holiday, cleaning the house (which is already super clean), read and watch television. And oh yes, our office room is almost tidy, ALMOST. I can´t do much gardening, meet up with friends or go to the library lately because the weather had been unpredictable past few days. One minute sunny, next minute gloomy and rain would start pouring mercilessly. Oh yes, that reminds me. I notice something really strange in this part of the world. The bees and flying insect here LOVES hitting themselves onto the glass window here. Are they blind? As the result, there are a lot of dead bees and flying insects on our window boxes. Bleh. But if I were to clean it now, the rain will pour anytime and another bee will try and commit suicide again. Alright, I think its a bad idea. Oh well.

Here´s to my chinese lunch with a little extra chinese tippy aka Plum Wine :-)

Cést La Vie!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Teoh Beng Hock was still under custody when he died

MY GOD MACC, YOU ARE FULL OF BULLSHIT! Trouble is brewing, please read below an article from Raja Petra.

Teoh Beng Hock was NOT Released at 3.45 am. He Died DURING MACC Custody Between 8.30 am - 9.30 amMonday, July 27, 2009

Read here for more article by Raja Petra Kamarudin "Teoh Beng Hock was still under custody when he died " on Malaysia-

TodayThe crucial question is:

  1. Did Teoh Beng Hock die WHILE STILL under custody of MACC ?
  2. OR Had Teoh ALREADY been released when he met his death?

Malaysia-Today's investigation shows Teoh was STILL under custody at time of his death. Teoh was NEVER released at 3.45am. He was STILL under custody right up to the time of his death at around 8.30-9.30am. The statement by MACC that he was released at 3.45am is "UTTER BULLSHIT "Teoh’s hand phone was STILL with the MACC when he died. (The police had confirmed this). If he had been released, MACC would either return his hand phone or give him a receipt confirming they are retaining his hand phone. None were found on his body. Teoh's Hand PhoneTeoh would NOT walk out of the MACC office at 3.45am WITHOUT his hand phone or at least a receipt that the MACC had confiscated his hand phone. He would need evidence (that MACC had kept his handphone). This is a requirement under the MACC Act (2009).


  • His hand phone was STILL with the MACC. And the police confirmed this. And that hand phone is now with the police.
  • If Teoh had been released, his hand phone would have been in his pocket or beside his body (or on the sofa where he had slept). It would NOT have been in the ‘safekeeping’ of the MACC.
  • If the MACC had released Teoh at 3.45am but wanted to retain his hand phone then they would have had to issue a piece of paper listing down all Teoh’s property that was going to be retained for further investigation.
  • Assuming the MACC was going to retain Teoh’s hand phone then this paper would not only list down all the property to be retained but full details such as make, model, serial number, and so on.
  • If MACC find incriminating evidence in his hand phone and Teoh later denies that it is his hand phone, then MACC would need to prove that they had confiscated Teoh’s hand phone to be able to use this evidence in court.
  • And that would make the paper very crucial for both Teoh and the MACC. And both Teoh and the MACC would need to sign this paper (regarding the confiscation of the handphone) for it to be valid.
  • And the ABSENCE of that piece of paper required under Section 33 of the MACCA proves that Teoh died DURING MACC's custody and NOT AFTER he was released as claimed by MACC.


Even when under Internal Security Act (ISA) detention, the Special Branch is supposed to interrogate detainees DURING ‘office hours’. They are NOT allowed to interrogate detainees at night or outside ‘office hours’. And, in particular, detainees should NOT be subjected to marathon interrogation sessions or subjected to sleep depravation, a form of torture.

And these are ISA detainees, mind you, said to be ‘threats to national security’ and/or suspected ‘terrorists’. Yet there are certain rules to be observed.

What more if one is merely a witness to a suspected crime, NOT even established yet whether a crime had or had not been committed, as in the case of Teoh Beng Hock?


The MACC says that Teoh Beng Hock was released at 3.45am AFTER a gruelling marathon interrogation session that lasted the whole night. But Teoh was NOT under arrest or even a suspect in a crime, says the MACC.

He was merely a witness, and a very cooperative witness on top of that, claims the MACC.If Teoh was merely a witness, as what they say, WHY was there a need to interrogate him throughout the night? Could not his interrogation have been done during normal working hours?

In Teoh’s case he was subjected to a marathon interrogation session and OUTSIDE ‘office hours’ on top of that. He was subjected to sleep depravation. And he was not a detainee, he was not under arrest, and he was not a suspect in a crime, claims the MACC. He was merely a witness to a suspected crime, and a very cooperative witness too.

According MAC's statement:

  • After Teoh’s statement was recorded by MACC, he was released and allowed to go home at 3.45am.
  • Teoh was supposed to go home and come back at 8.00am with some documents that the MACC required.
  • Teoh was supposed to return at 8.00am for the interrogation to continue. And
  • But Teoh decided instead to sleep on the sofa at the MACC office.
  • At 6.00am he was alleged to have ‘disappeared’.
  • He NEVER returned at 8.00am for his interrogation to be continued.

And the MACC NEVER bothered to go look for their witness who had ‘absconded !! According to the pathologist, Teoh died between 8.30-9.30am.

But they never found his body UNTIL LUNCH TIME


The MACC ACT (2009) says:

Section 33(1):…any movable property which is the subject matter of an offence or evidence relating to the offence shall be liable to seizure.

Section 33(2): A list of all movable property seized pursuant to subsection (1) and of the places in which they are respectively found shall be prepared by the officer of the Commission affecting the seizure and signed by him.

Section 33(3):A copy of the list referred to in subsection (2) shall be served on the owner of such property or on the person from whom the property was seized as soon as possible.-Raja Petra Kamarudin

Like all fellow Malaysians, I hope to see justice befall the victim soon. The people running my country ... :-( Sich people, SICK people up there.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I need a drink ...


Reason ;

a) Weather had been gloomy lately. Even when the sun´s out, it would take only mere seconds for it to change. Going out seems like a chore. Must remember to wear jacket with hood, bring umbrella just incase and the thought of getting caught in the rain ... bleh.

b) The state of our office room is CHAOS. There is so much I wanna do, but can´t because we have long term plan here. We have to make do with whatever current furniture pieces here which I have grown tired as it is dark and gloomy. I should also be happy that my package from Malaysia has arrived. All my photos and nic-nacs, but where to store them? Hub will be relocating some of his stuff to elsewhere just for me, but why am I still not getting my act together?

c) Sourcing for a pleasant accomodation in Stockholm proves to be a challenge with the budget we have. The endless pages of website I´ve been throught is making my head spin. It is either the ones that we like are fully booked, or I get over excited when being told its available but only to be told later its not. And I have to go throught the whole process again.

It is no wonder that I´ve been getting severe headache lately. No tigerbalm or Minyak Cap Kapak can cure it so today, instead of cooking something elaborate, I pan fryed some ready made pesto based prawn. I also sliced up the avocado I´d picked up from the discounted bin in K&K last week and could not believe how creamy and yummy it taste. It got me wondering why the germans eat only the moderately ripe ones. As of late, I have been getting myself addicted to this Sesame Toast ala Swedish style which in a way is a good thing since we will be vacationing in Stockholm soon. Perhaps, it really is such an expensive city that we have to resort to only toast for our meal :-P

But what really perked me up this morning is a glass of Swiss White and homemade Pina Colada. Told ya ... I really DO need it.

Have a nice week ahead everyone. Prost :-)

Friday, 24 July 2009

Munich Loves You

I was searching youtube for promotional video of our next vacation and found these!

Loveee it so much and thought I´d share them with you here :-)

As for where we´re going ... :-) hint is below!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Two Kilo Lighter Plan ...


I read from here that one can loose up to 7 pounds a day just by drinking a concoction juice from Lemon, Maple Syrup, Hot Water and Cayenne Pepper. Its a detox program from First Magazine, and since the author of this success story resides in US, I´d assume that First Magazine comes from there. Well, 7 pounds is no mean play-play matter. I needed that badly and immediately requested hub to pick up a bottle of Maple Syrup during shopping.

My plan is very simple. I am not too ambitious you see. I am not asking for 7 pounds drop a day x 4 days plan which totals up to 28 pounds! (althought it would be really, really nice if I can achieve that!) All I wanted was tiny, weeny 2 kilo lighter by end of day four. Sounds good? It sure does. But here´s the catch ... one must stay away from everything else during meal except fruits and vegetables. Darn. This is the hard part, which I think I had failed so far. Well, today is day three and I am feeling the same. BECAUSE, yes ... there is a big because, because ... the queen came visiting! (period lah). And so, I am blotted and emo. My weight before the program started and now is sort of like twilight zone to me. Darn. And so because of that, I had been snacking on this yummy Strawberry and Yoghurt stick yesterday! I had 3 you know, 3 of it! That´s equivalent to 300 calorie and just like that, the plan went down the drain. Come dinner time, I was feeling a bit emo - yeah .. blame the hormones, BLAME THE HORMONES ... :-) and so, I requested for a plate of originally kids size pasta for dinner. Until hubby pointed out that there´s more left in the pan. That´s it. My feet automatically dragged my reluctant body over to the kitchen and the rest is history. Hum. To add salt to the matter, I was feeling a bit cold past days so I drank up this special Herb Liquor called Underburg. They are suppose to be good for the stomach and at the same time, warms up the body. Bitter stuff there but thank god, its nothing more than 5 litre a shot.

Today, I am determine to keep it back on track. I hope that by tomorrow, I would be able to at least take of 1 kilo lah. Wish me luck!

p/s : Have I ever told you that the yoghurts and diet pudding here taste heavenly?

Our tomatoes are growing well ...


Moving on to something a little chirpier on another rainy day here, amidst nursing the queen´s visit and having just gone thru tonnes of reads about what is going on politically in Malaysia ...

Hey ... check out our tomato plants we planted few months back :-) Its growing well, looking plump and all but not edible yet except for the two small red tomatoes which I got so excited over BUT only to discover that it was actually a PRANK from Mama.

She manage to make my day, again :-)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

What compelled me to ditch BN?

I thought I would skip blogging about the political scene happening back home since I am living in foreign land now but I am STILL devastated and upset each time when an injustice act happen. So I am not going to stop. Everytime when sometime happens, I question the fate of my family and friends back home and pray for them that one day, the stupid BN will go soon. I even told my hubby that I want to fly home just to vote for the next general election. By hook of by crook.

As many of you know, shit is happening again in my beloved homeland Malaysia. Although a new PM is in place, it does not help that Najib - the new PM is known to be linked to a murder case (but no one dare prosecute him!), involve in corruption of billions of rakyat´s hard earn cash (and again, no one dare prosecute or even question him!) and I believe much, much more.

Hence, how will the country run under such leadership? Therefor, I am not surprise of mishandling by his lower ranking and such, ther recent murder case of Teo by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission group. A young man about to start his new life, being interrogated by them and I believe NOT professionally ... and suspected of being pushed down the building from 14th floor. Here is an insight from Chua Jui Meng, the VP of MCA whom explained why he had decided to join PKR. I believe more will follow soon, with human conscience guiding them.

What compelled me to ditch BN? (Chua Jui Meng)

There has been much speculation recently in the media as what my next move in politics would be.Today I make one of the most important decisions of my life, to leave the MCA and to join PKR. A few days ago, I resigned as chairman of MCA Bakri division, a post I have held for 23 years, freeing me to undertake a fresh struggle for the realisation of my vision for reforms. These are contained in the manifestos I wrote during the MCA presidential elections of 2005 and 2008.

Today I announce that I am resigning as a member of MCA. Now I announce I am joining PKR.Today I am persuaded that I am standing on the right side of history at a defining and critical moment of our nation's history. What has compelled me to do so?The 2008 general elections witnessed the passionate desire of 52 percent of Peninsular Malaysians for change. This astounding voting power gave birth for the first time to a two-party system. As a result, we have seen a hitherto unseen phenomena of Umno leaders saying “if we do not change, the people will change the government".Out of this desperation, Malaysians see the Umno-led government making some movement towards appeasing the people. That is the fruit of people's power.Two-party system undermined by UmnoToday we see this nascent two-party system under threat, the unrelenting harassment by the Umno-led government to divide and destroy the two-party system, the hard-earned gains of last year's general election.We see the abuse of power in the use of the federal institutions to harass, persecute and prosecute the leaders of the opposition, institutions that were supposed to protect the rights of the citizensof Malaysia.The tragic death of 30-year-old Teo Beng Hock is the consequence of one such institution going overboard in its action. The seizure of power in Perak, the wooing of PAS by Umno to form a unity government based on race and religion, the farcical persecution and prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim once again for sodomy despite the reports of two hospitals - one from Hospital Kuala Lumpur - to the contrary, all these are indicative of a pattern of attempts to topple this precious two-party system.It seeks to remove the people's new-found choice to choose between two political fronts. If this conspiracy succeeds Umno will continue to be the dominant political party going back to its old ways unfettered.It is in these times of trouble and crisis for PKR and Pakatan Rakyat that has precipitated my decision to join them. It is in these difficult circumstances that I want to contribute in humility to the preservation of this two-party system. My hope is that ordinary Malaysians will stand up and be counted in the struggle to protect, preserve and promote the growth of this system. Count me in.There are other reasons why I am joining PKR. I see in Anwar a kindred spirit seeking for change, for deep and genuine reforms. I know also that multiracial political parties caring for all races is the way forward.I know that I am leaving the comfort and security of my present life for a road less travelled, a tough and rough road and that ahead of me awaits hardships. I am prepared for this last hurrah of my life. May God bless our endeavours, our struggle.


Chua Jui MengFormer MCA vice-president and former health minister

And so, there was a murder case here of which the people in Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission claim is a suicide. Well, all I could say is BULLSHIT. Even if its true that he is, the rakyat just LOST it with the government. Trust is no longer there hence no matter how clean you are, it will still be black.

Report from Malaysia Kini

Some 500 people gathered outside the Plaza Masalam building in Shah Alam last night for a candlelight vigil held to mourn the death of Teo Beng Hock.

Led by Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, the crowd paid tribute to the 30-year-old former journalist, who was described by friends and former colleagues as a good-hearted and friendly person. Teo, who was working as the political secretary to Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hean Wah, is said to have plunged to his death from the building.He was last seen at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Selangor office - located on the 14th floor of the building - where he was brought in for questioning over investigations into alleged misappropriation of funds by his boss. Addressing the crowd, Ean Yong demanded a detailed explanation from MACC and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak over his aide's death.

"This is a tragedy that could have been avoided if MACC followed proper procedures," said the exco, his voice cracking with grief.

"He was only awitness. I never thought he would not back."

According to MACC, Teo was called in at 6pm yesterday and was questioned until 3.45am but was allowed to leave after that. However, Teo had instead chose to 'rest' on a sofa in the MACC office and was last seen at 6am. His body was discovered on the roof top of Plaza Masalam, more than seven hours later - at 1.30pm - by a janitor. He had apparently fallen from the MACC tower block which is adjacent to the plaza.

Something sounds fishy here. Who in the right frame of mind takes a rest on a sofa in the same premise of the questioning place?

'Goes in alive, comes out a corpse'

Klang MP Charles Santiago told the crowd that a "good man went to the MACC (to assist them in their investigations) and came out a corpse."

"How can we expect MACC or the police to protect the common man?" he asked.The crowd also vented their anger towards Najib and chanted slogans such as 'MACC murderers' and 'BN is cruel'.Kampung Tunku assemblyperson Lau Weng San claimed that the ongoing MACC probe against Selangor Pakatan Rakyat state reps was nothing short of persecution."Najib has declared war on Selangor. He wants to take this state like how he took Perak," added PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin.

Throughout the vigil, the participants who knew Teo recalled their final encounters with the deceased."He parks his car beside mine everyday. Now, I will not be able to see him anymore," lamented Abdul Razak Ismail, the aide of Selangor exco member Dr Xavier Jeyakumar. "I had meals with him so many times. I cannot believe that he is gone. MACC must pay for this," a distraugted DAP party worker from Perak told Malaysiakini.

Fiancee barred from seeing his remains Earlier in the evening, drama broke out on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam when the police refused to allow Teo's fiancee to see his body.

Why barred Teo´s fiancee from seeing him?

"Please… please just let me see him once," she pleaded, sobbing uncontrollably.The pair had known each other for five years and were supposed to register their marriage today. Counsel for Teo's family Gobind Singh Deo expressed regret that the police only allowed Teo's elder brother to see the body.He also criticised the police for only informing the family that they could appoint their own pathologist to inspect the body at the eleventh hour.

Why such short notice? To make it impossible to appoint own pathologist?

Gobind said the family was given only about half an hour to bring a pathologist. He confirmed that three pathologist were already at the scene. "We have asked for the preliminary findings but they have given naught," he exclaimed.Another Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu demanded that the attorney-general take stern action against those responsible for Teo's death."If MACC did not take him, he would still be alive. MACC must be charged for murder or manslaughter," he said.Eyebrows were also raised as to why the police forensics team took almost nine hours to remove the body. At about 9.15pm, the police took Teo's body out of the building through the loading bay, avoiding the horde of journalists, photographers and vigilers gathered at the main entrances. The police truck carrying the body sped off from the crowded car park en route to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang, where a post-mortem will be carried out today. It is understood that at least two forensics team inspected Teo's body.

According to DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, Teo's mother in Alor Gajah, Malacca, had been crying non-stop since she was informed of the news at 5pm.

"Friends and relatives (are) in shock," he said in a Tweeter message.

Teo's mother was consoled by former DAP secretary-general Kerk Kim Hock.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Philips Retro Radio AE2730


Hub bought a cool retro looking radio from Philips to match our bedroom interior last night!

While it will take a couple of days for the Ebay supplier to sent them to us, I get a feeling that it will look absolutely stunning on our bed´s headboard/table :-) Its function are pretty limited though. It is basically a radio, works both of cable as well as batteries and it also allows you to connect your iPod into. Having said that, I don´t think we will be using this function much coz our JBL docking system had way better sound quality than this and our iPod is already resting comfortably on our headboard.
(update on 21 July 2009) as anticipated, it looked really good on our bed´s headboard. Colour was a wee darker though but its alright :-)
But still, I can help oohhh-aaahhhing over this cute little retro radio coz of its cuteness. I am also imagining us enjoying some music from this machine while having picnic :-) Now that we´ve got a picnic basket, picnic blanket and now this radio ... bring on the sunshine baby!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hubby´s 39th Celebration

It was hubs birthday last night. We invited a few close friends and family over for some drinks at our place for this is a tradition at this part of the world. Everyone we know celebrates them come rain, shine or snow on the actual day and the guest will by hook or by crook make it unless a good excuse is given. Such a far cry from my homeland where a lot of birthdays celebration are push either backward or forward. Anyway, although his birthday fell on a weekday, its nothing short of a celebration with friends coming over as early as 8pm and leaving only around midnight.


Since there isn´t much food involve except us gathering around our tiny balcony for good 4 hours (gosh, you should be there to feel how our tiny balcony vibrants when someone got excited or jumpy) and the only thing filling us up are drinks, drinks and more drinks ... I thought I´d skip the photo taking part of this event as you probably know how a bottle of beer, a shot of egg liquor, and more tap beer served fresh from our beer machine look like :-) But instead, I though I´d share you pictures of what hub received as gifts (and I am so-so jealous!). He surely is one lucky man, a man whom were loved by everyone around him. To me and gifts aside (including the cash!), seeing hubby grinning from ear to ear was priceless. Like a little boy he is, opening up his presents and looking all so excited ... it made me felt that all effort of pulling this special day off with little surprises here and there are totally worth it.

The picture above are my gifts to hub. I started the day trying to bake him a Sacher Torte cake. But as it turned out, I experienced another major disaster with the hand mixer! Our place was spotless clean but in just wee seconds there, the kitchen floor, ceiling, table top and every single appliances nearby were splashed all over by the hand mixer´s batter. Imagine my frustration having to clean everything up and at the same time prepare for the day. But really, I should not blame the hand mixer (although I nearly throw them away!), but instead should have a better grip of the mixer and the batter bowl. And so, I ended up rushing to the store to pick up a Torten-Träume Himbeeren Mascarporne (4,99 Euro each) aka Rasberry & Marcaporne Torte for replacement. It was a great move coz the cake was really, really good! It is one of those cakes with layers of sponge cake, mousse, mascarporne, rasberry pieces all rolled into one - making this cake not only attractive looking (its shaped like a dome, btw), it tasted decandent and yet, light. We enjoyed them when hubby returns home around 5pm from workplace afterwhich an hour later, saw us stuffing ourselves again with a special dinner of Braised Pork Shoulder, Buttered Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts Bacon Bits which I had also prepared. I manage to squeeze in some time to make him a birthday card incorporating a baby photo of his.

Mama and Papa was very generous with their gifts to him. They not only gave him this (ahem ... actually, its more for us, haha!)


In there lies more goodies of a lovely hamper from a nearby italian gourmet store! There´s two types of olive oil, a bottle or two (not very sure, must check again) italian sauces, handmade pasta and italian biscuits :-)


While our friends pulled together some fund so that he can get anything he want as his birthday present, they did not leave out his beloved wife ... ME. Surprise, surprise! Don´t you just love tradition sometimes? I particularly love this white and pink combo one here as its just so ME. And btw, its from Lisa´s garden. She handplucked them just before arriving and got them tied together with pink strings!

Thanks Lisa for the wonderful bouquet ...

I should come visit your lovely garden soon!


And this is from Mama.

She knows I am into roses hence, she went all the way to the store just to pick up this lovely bouquet of colourful roses!


So here all all the lovely, lovely gifts from everyone whom loved hubby dearly. If you are reading this Lou Kung (and I know you do!), Happy Belated Birthday again and am glad you had such a blast :-)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Our space with Hydrangea

be it in the kitchen ...


right next to the breakfast table ...


to our bedroom ...


study room ...


where all things pretty come together ...


there´s no doubt hydrangea manage to liven up our space to the T :-)

Love it!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cup + Cino, Revisit


Me and hub stop by Cup + Cino near his workplace last weekend again. Hub had to put in extra hours on Saturday since his two colleagues are away for summer holidays and I happily voluntered to tag along to this town, but instead of heading to his office, I requested him to drop me to the shopping street in Coesfeld instead. The day turned out gloomy with light rizzle, but thankfully, there were enough shops to entice me in. before knowing it, I was doing some fun shopping in Nana Nano, a brick brack shop where I found another colourful PINK piggy bank to add to my family of five. All the major shops were having some sort of sale thus, I also ended up buying a lovely brown faux leather jacket from C&A at only 19Euro! Not needed coz I have tones of jacket in my closet but I LOVE the colour, shape and cut! I also came home with a cow shape butter dish, and OMG ... it is the cutest design /invention ever! The only prob is, it only fits french butter (tall and slim) and my regular supermarket only stock up german ones which are flatter and fat. Hum.

Back to food ... this was what we had. I though the Weiner Scnitzel (4.90 Euro) was worth every penny paid. It was fresh and well portioned. Hub thinks that their Salami Pizza (4.50 Euro) was rather normal. We polished them off under an hour as hub needs to rush over to a friend´s place to help him pack up for his move to Nurnberg.

As for me, I happily arrive home to try on my faux leather jacket :-)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Eating Red for a Day


I am a fan of red coloured food. I think it is one of the more interesting food colour group in terms of taste, visual impact and its benefit. Red food group always remind me of fat, huge strawberries, big, fat, plump tomatoes (although I am not a raw tomato eater) and the assorted dark red berries hues such as cherries, rasberries, redcurrents, cranberries, and more. I cannot imagine any gourmet meal platter without red colour group that screams indulgence such as seared tuna, lobster (although the flesh within is white but you get the idea) or wagyu beef showing off its reddish pink flesh within, Even red cocktails taste better aka Cosmopolitan and Singapore Sling whom happen to be my top favourite cocktail.


I can´t remember how I got this red food day started that day. I think it was the tomato. I was hungry ... as usual after walking up late. It is too late for breakfast and made no sense at all to prepare one more time 2-3 hours later, of which then hub would be back and we would have our usual coffee and cake session. The herb plant sitting on our kitchen counter is screaming to be plucked - and check out the arrangement below. It was done by Mama, given to me for passing my B1 examination and don´t you think its such a genious way to have a handy herb pot in the kitchen and at the same time - beautify the kitchen?


Anyway, it did not take very long before I got my hands on a Röse bottle to go with my late breakfast / early lunch, a Caprese Salad which I assembled in a jiffy along with a bowl of German Strawberries and Cherries. The tomatoes were chopped up, place in a medium heat pan along with finely chopped up garlic and two leaves of Bay Leave. A good quality olive oil went in before hand. So as, a squashed of tomato paste and some seasoning. Serve them over fine pasta and this is it.

As happy as a red plump tomato :-)

Stockholm´s Tribute to MJ - Cool Video!

There seems to be an MJ movement going around this part of the world ... :-)

I was also watching his 1992 Dangerous Concert in Romania here last night in one of Germany´s TV channel, its my first time watching MJ´s concert and I must say, he was so energetic and good! What a sad contrast to his state before he died. Long live the King of Pop ... I think his music will stay for a while ...

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Cup + Cino, Coesfeld


We spent two weekends ago touring hub´s new work place located in an old army camp. While hub was proudly showing me his new room and all, I had my eye set on army chairs left behind by the army team and requested hub if he could cart some back for our home office makeover. No prob, said hub ... and I could not be more thrilled :-)

His work place is located 25km away from home in this town called Coesfeld. Although its only 5 thousand more resident residing here compared to Ahaus, their shopping street had all that makes one saint. There is at least a H&M store to start with, lots of small, little independent shops, a yummy store selling all kinds of wares for the kitchen (and yay! we´re a new cocktail mixer set) and the cafes seems hipper and more interesting too!


The supposedly drink stop in Cup + Cino had us grabbing for some grubs soon after. Whats not when every customer there were seen tucking heartily into all these colourful, tantalising lunch platter infront of them. Their menu list were impressive, serving everything from breakfast, international selection of lunch/dinner and a long drink list.

While hub grabbed a colourful looking homemade burger (4.50 Euro), which came with a small portion of tortilla chips, I went for their Salmon, Spinach and Pesto Sauce Bagel (5.00 Euro). We were both happy with our selection, for both tasted fresh and yummy.

The other main reason why we drove all the way to Coesfeld was to utilise the Flower Voucher which hub´s boss´s mum gave us for our wedding. Hence we stopped by the store before going home.

Guess what I picked up for 20 Euro?

Friday, 3 July 2009

Luna Bar, Kuala Lumpur (Impressive View but ...)

If they do something about their food and drinks, Luna Bar could have scored a perfect 10 in the best night spot to go when in Kuala Lumpur. We ordered a combination of starters and pizza for tummy filler and none vowed me. The crab cake tasted too starchy with more potato and flour. Pizza was way average and worstly was my order of Luna Electic cocktail, which was suppose to be their signature! It tasted horribleeeee! Yucks. Very cough syrup taste-like and served not even on proper cocktail glass but lame PLASTIC glass.

Jeezzzz ... it surely ain´t matching to the atmosphere here.



ORDER this LUNA ELECTIC cocktail, only if you´re a cough syrup addict.


The saving grace apart from the magnificent view of our two corn aka Petronas Twin Tower are my buddies whom braved through traffic and all to celebrate a Belated Hen´s Night for me :-)


A night of girly giggles, catching up or rather gossiping (hehe), people spotting and more gossiping .... well, that´s what girls love to do isn´t it?


Heyyy ... wasn´t that a Hen´s Night???


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rose Dienhard Sekt with Fresh Cherries


Weather had been crazy here, with humidity as high as Malaysia and temperature reaching 32C. To make it worst, the aircond here simply can´t beat those back home. So, what´s a girl to do to cool down, but to sip some bubbly while popping some fresh cherries into her mouth. Not too bad eh.