Friday, 19 June 2009

Rama V, Kuala Lumpur

Exactly 3 weeks ago, we were ushered to a friend´s restaurant in Jalan Ampang for Jules farewell and birthday surprise party. The organiser, a long time friend from collage days came to pick us up from our PJ home - had us dropped off in the restaurant an hour earlier, armed with balloons and all and a whole lot more goodies in tow - except her.

I don´t think we have enough time to go pick up this girl in Cheras lah ... so, I will drop you first okay? I need your help to arrange all this in Rama V okay? In the event Jule walks in, just pretend you and Juergen are there for lunch! Aiya .. you know what to do lah. Don´t let him know there is a surprise party, okay? said the organiser.

* gulp * thats more or less sums up our second day arrival in KL, amidst jet-lagged and all, and throwned into twilight zone ... we anyhow took it to our stride :-)


The surprise as it is, I very much guessed was not really a surprise. I mean, how clueless can Jules and her lovely wife - Louise be that they will be surprised even after spotting the series of familiar cars parked outside the restaurant upon arrival?

The food that day was lovely. Superb quality thai food to suit every tastebud. I suspect they tone down the spiciness to suit local tastebud -which I am gladful they did. Apart from my sensative tummy (thanks to too-sanitized-german-food), hubby needs a bit of help in that department too. Hub whom is not a fish eater, loved their fish. Hub whom does not eat any animal/crustacean etc with parts showing, loved their fish.

One word ... the food is good.


One of the dish that was particularly memorable was the Thai Green Curry. The kick was fierily there. Spicy, fragrant, creamy, tasty ... all roll into one. Have them simply with a plate of white rice and to me, this beats all the foie gras and oysters in the world.

Danny later brought out a plate of what looked like miniature fruits, glazed with tonnes of gelatine substance. Luk chup, a kind of dessert served to the Thai Royalties long time ago made its grand entrance later.

Excitedly, I signalled the organiser over. Do you remember what Danny brought back for us from Bangkok 15 years ago? Oh yesss, that´s right. He brought us this ... hand carried all the way from BKK for us. And now, an encounter with it again and in his thai restaurant?

How nostalgic is that?


This place surely made me feel warmth and fuzzy all over. Not just for its food and ambiance. I guess it brings back memories that despite being away for almost a year, it sure does feel great seeing so many old friends again in one place, and all within few hours.

To Jules, Danny, Honey, Ester, AP, Helena, Joann, Cheng Yi, Meena + Tim, Boo, Wee Tee and more. It was lovely meeting up with you guys again :-) And over great food ...., thats always a plus isn´t it?


  1. It was such a pleasant surprise to bump into you and your hubs that day. :-D

  2. the world is undoubtly getting smaller. who knows when next?

  3. yea...can tell ur hubby lurrv the food...and i hope to see you soon ya!


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