Tuesday, 16 June 2009

LG Latest Portable DVD Player (DP392G)

I was out shopping at Raffles Place. Hub wanted to go check out the IT Exhibition in Suntec City the night before flying off from Singapore. Than .. he came home with THIS!

Its the latest and it was on promo! Something like 400 ++ down to 280 ++ in Singapore Dollar. Okayyy ...


Super cool, right? Its a Portable CD/DVD/Digital Photo Frame Roll into One from LG, the Korean Manufacturer.


We were excited of course and quickly popped our CD containing hot from the oven honeymoon pics from our Langkawi trip which we earlier collected.

Than ... DARN. The photo started skipping. We thought the CD´s spoilt hence we tested a copy of Westin Langkawi´s promo CD which we picked up from the airport earlier.

Eeeekkkkk ... a funny sound came about and no luck again. It just refused to play.

Read the manual, and found out that this player is as normal as can be. All the right buttons were pressed. But it did not work.

Than it dawned on us that ... perhaps, PERHAPS ... we´ve to charge up the battery first.

Well ... this are the unspoken rules that was not mentioned in the manual. Nor did the sales person in LG Counter.


We quickly did so and waited a good 3.5 hours for it! In the end, it did not deliver what its suppose to. The buttons did not react. Full stop.

We consoled ourself that perhaps, perhaps ... the wedding photo files were of other file type (they only support Jpeg) and this player could not read them hence skipping to the next constantly. Thankfully, this is on international warranty. Phew.

But another thing happened. The machine switches on by itself when hubby placed them into the provided DVD bag! 3 TIMES!!! How sensative did it get SUDDENLY!


And sooo .. this new toy came home with us end of the day. Its too late for an exchange since our flight to London was early in the morning.

But the strange thing is ...it worked upon reaching German soil. We had also checked our wedding photos and they were all in Jpeg format so .. what´s the prob? Hellooooo LG people, are you reading this? It would be great to have an explanation to this.

So far, its been reacting stably in german soil and hope it remains this way, although it defeats the purpose of us buying this at the first place coz we wanna travel with this lil fella. All and all, this DP392G ada angin aka TAU FUNG hence, if you have been looking at buying this, test out left, right, centre first.


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