Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Homegrown Strawberries

In addition to a surprise welcome home celebration by my stammtisch girlfriends (with bubbles, roses and balloons!) last Saturday, Mama Else warmth us further with a bunch of Spring Bloom (shown on the background), a pair of newly wed robotic decorative item and a bowl full of Homegrown Strawberries right from her Garden!

Wasn´t that a memorable welcome home gesture?


Anyway ... the strawberries were super juicy and sweet albeit small! Thanks Mama for the treat :-) As how I learned later, the smaller the strawberries here .. the better the punch.

And finally after all the unpacking, blogging in between, cleaning the house (again!), loading up on groceries and more ... I finally made time to head downstairs to tend to our lil plot of garden. I am glad to report that everything is growing well. The flower seeds are 4 inches high now but no flowers yet. There is even a small tomato protruding out from our tomato plant and for no reason I got so excited over it although I´m not a tomato person. The brocolli plant seems a bit strange though coz instead of growing sideways, its growing thin and tall???. Our cabbages have been doing rather well. My rockets or rucolla as how its called here are screaming for me to harvest. Sad to say, the chilli plants have not progressed one bit. Perhaps, the weather´s too cold?

Anyway ... I cannot help myself from checking out Mama´s side of the garden. Her sides are always full of bloom and interesting discovery for me.


And there it is ... cute lil thing hidden underneath the piles of large leafies. A chat with Mama later confirmed that the red ones are all ready for harvesting ... means can eat lahhhhh.


One more thing ...

I have just discovered that Mama DOES NOT EAT these Zucchini Flowers???!!!

OMGGGG!!! I wanted to ask her what happen to all the ones I saw abundandly last year? Went to the bin? Arggg ... should have open my big fat mouth ... but what to do? Still paiseh lah ...


Now ... how to cook these petals ah?


  1. Homegrown strawberry usually very sweet. You could fry the zucchini flowers with tempura batter. Emm yummy!

  2. I LOVE strawberries!!! :)
    Homegrown, awwww...can send some to me? LOL =P

    Too bad, I can't advise you how to cook the petals...haha:D

  3. Yeah, I saw some sites on that but am still looking for the right batter to use. And am also contemplating to use Ricotta or Mozarella?

    Christy .. hehe, how to sent lahhh ... by the time reach you .. all gone liao :-)


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