Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Cafe Antik, Stadtlohn

Never in my life had I worked so hard to have my slice of cake and a cup of aromatic Jacob coffee.

A good 34 kilometers of bicycle ride thru terrains and all, from Ahaus via Vreden too Stadtlohn last Saturday with my buddies here!

But the end result is sweet. And that is all that matters.




Major Highlight

  • I could not get enough of Tanja´s Homemade, Organic Rhubarb liquor! It is so darn good that I had more than 10 shots before, during and after the bicycle ride!
  • Had the chance to be served Cherry Liquor by a German King during one of the breaks (means decendents from German Royal Family lah)
  • Discover that I can drink more than 20 shots plus 4 glasses of wine and cycle straight. No accident happen to me at all, thank god :-)
  • My heart was pumping so hard I though I was about to get a heart attack though. That was scary.
  • As a reward, two session of 20 minutes massage (around that lah) was given to me by hub double yay!) although he was just as exhausted as me. Body felt like it was detached from my head for two days.
  • AND THE CAKE ... it wasssss heavenly WORTH every sweat and pain.

Sweetest, Wild German Strawberries Smacked in layers of Freshest Quark and Vanilla Sponge Cake. Totally worth it!

As you can tell, the whole experience was PRICELESS!


  1. the place is beautiful and i am so jealous!

  2. sounds like an adventure in a storybook liddat la...with a yummy, sweet ending, of course. :D

  3. Interesting doors with different height! And that thick layer of strawberries! O.o


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