Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Short Lived Poppy Flower and ...

Our garden is blooming with another new addition.

This time round, it is none other than Mohn or Poppy Flower but the none illegal kind. I marvelled at it since days for its not only striking and bold, it is a huge flower too.


According to Mama, they have very short life. They last only a few days on the ground, or no more than three days in vases. They also strive on sunny weather with the exact temperature, hence ... if it goes a bit higher or lower, thats it.

And soooo .. I took the opportunity to admire them yesterday. Again. I reckon, I will only get a chance to see them again next year as when we return, its season will be over.


Mama ... oh Mama. She´s a real sweetie. She knows I´m growing fond of Poppy Flower lately and surprised me with three stalks yesterday afternoon. In her limited English she said .. enjoy the bloom today and tomorrow before you fly off. Ahhh ...


So here it is, sitting in one corner of our bedroom. They are quite a stunner isn´t it?

On another note, we have been busy clearing our fridge before we fly off. Fresh vegetables, fruits and the likes. Hub and I have been eyeing something in snack drawer. They are super addictive, traditionally made since 1905 - 31% butter content French Biscuits called Gallette and Roudour. There´s also the famous French Nougat too, and a packet of Truffel Praline I picked up weeks ago.

Hmmm .... to clear or not too clear?



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