Thursday, 14 May 2009

May 13, 2009 went like this ...


  1. 6.30am wake up call from hubby´s kiss before him zooming off to work.
  2. Lazed in bed till 7am. Radio alarm goes off.
  3. Grabbed myself a Senseo cup of coffee. Had 2 slices of warm toast with Apricot Marmalade for breakfast. Browsed back issues of UK home decor Magazine.
  4. Watered herb pot next to our breakfast table. Happy coz growing well.
  5. Brushed teeth and took a long shower with Sebamed. Love the fresh smell. Gave my hair threatment with latest Schwarzkopf´s hair treatment range. Towel dry it and smoulder it with leave in conditioner and hair wax.
  6. Change to my favourite grey pants and baby pink t-shirt.
  7. Made the bed.
  8. Spoked to event manager in KL for upcoming dinner. Must get back to her on flowers.
  9. Checked emails and blogged for an hour. Decided; Orchids.
  10. Went shopping for souvenirs. Came home with Sandorn/Tea Liquor set, apples, apricots, yoghurt chocolate sticks, a cute post card and 4 decorative item (95% off) for my Inspiration Board.
  11. Made Teriyaki Salmon for lunch. Had an apricot too.
  12. Went downstairs for gardening. Tomato is growing well. Happy. Salad, Brocolli, Paprika and Rohlkohl seem to be stagnant. Not happy. Check out Mamas strawberries and Cherries plant. Happy.
  13. Mama offered me two pots of rosemary. Remember to pass her two pots to transfer over.
  14. Set the dish washer to work. No more glass cleaner liquid. Remember to buy.
  15. Read inspiration blog. Redecorated living room´s candle platter and arrange apples, kiwis, apricots and pears on platter. Placed in living room. No more junks for late night, reminder.
  16. Dishes are done. Unload them.
  17. Need fresh air. Did more reading on balcony. In love with Tschibo´s brochure with Picnic and Garden merchandise. Remember to show hubby Picnic Blanket, Garden Boots and Tea Lights.
  18. Hubby came home. Yakked. Had coffee and two toast. Finished hubby´s salami. Guilthy.
  19. Watched cooking competition on TV. Klaus called, need hubby´s help. Alone again.
  20. Watched TV alone.
  21. Hubby´s home after an hour. Offered to make me dinner. Had vegetable Soup with extra Cauliflower. Had extra peach and pear when tummy rolled again. Yakked.
  22. Spoke to Lillian about meeting coming Sunday. Have not decided to meeting in Baden Baden or Strasbourg. Have to talk to Andrew on Saturday to confirm.
  23. Spoke to Auntie Mary whom flew in from KL Received transit tips within Heathrow.
  24. Watched TV. Hungry again. Snacked on 200 grams Nachos. Guilthy.
  25. Showed hubby Tschibo brochure. Hubby doesn´t like the strawberry design. Dilemma but going ahead.
  26. Brushed teeth. Bedtime. Tried sleeping but Nachos were flying in my head. Must throw the snacks away tomorrow.
  27. Slept.


  1. life's good in Germany i suppose :)Very relaxing schedule! :)

    We're plan to head over to Germany during July! :) Can't wait for my exams to be over..!

  2. life´s good only now, now that schools over! hehehe before that, hectic like anything kekeke. welcome to germany! you coming with Chris? I see both of you travelling like crazy lah.. so envy!


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