Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mille Crepe and Erdbeere Bowle For Mother´s Day


Finally, I am releasing this few days old post when everyone on the blogsphere had somehow or another blogged about something for Mother´s Day. Too late but still something eh.

Well, our Mother´s Day preparation started off with a headache. Not as what you´d imagined it. You see, hubby was at Stammtisch drinking session the night before with his buddies and got him drinking till 3am. Me on the other hand, threw a Sushi Party the same time but was pleasantly surprised when my guest had each turned up with a bottle of Bubbly and more, and had us drinking till 1am the following day. So imagine our reluctance to crawl out from bed when our radio alarm went off and all I can remember was the splitting headache and WE ARE SUPPOSE TO PRESENT A CAKE TO MAMA BY 3PM panic! Note : Remember not to drink so much before a big event.

Dirk will be joining us too. Pressure No 2. But luckily, hubby saved the day. I cleverly told hubby the day before I will manage the Mille Crepe on my own but knowing very well that I suck in crepe making. My other excuse for him is, he´s better at handling hangover than me since he´s had more years of training than me :-)

Anyway ... lalaaaalaaaa ... all went smoothly during preparation and hubby prepared the major chunk of the work (thank you lou kunggggg and you are the BEST *biggg kiss*), we are also glad to report that no other unidentifiable-yellow-out of the mouth-substitute were present before and during the making of the glorious Crepe. Ewww ... but you get the jeez eh.

Session One, In The Kitchen
I am so glad to report that everyone loved the Mille Crepe. BUT, yes ... there was a BIGGG BUT. The fact that my Chocolate Fanatic hubby were beside me when I was sandwiching the crepes with the creme, and him telling me SO OFTEN to spread more cream, moreeee spread, MOREEE (arggggg!), the Mille Crepe ended up perfect in taste BUT was hard to handle. It was slippery to slice even when we pre-sliced them upstairs before bringing them down and needless to say, it was quite a task using our dessert fork to break them up into biteful pieces when eating. A knife came into rescue. One rotating knife shared by 5 of us mind you and we´re happy as can be. The Mille Crepe were a bit thicker than usual too but I must give credit to hubby for saving my day really. Instead of the fame 21 layers, ours were only 16 layers. But it was good nonetheless. Moreover, luxing them up with Vanilla Pod versus Essence sure does make a difference! Also, smear the top further with leftover Pastry Cream and sprinkle them further with Sarotti Dark Chocolate Curls. Its wicked as hell and there´s nothing you want more. And how do you tell if the cake was a hit? When everyone goes hmmmmmm, and more hmmmm and ate in silence. That made my day.

If you´re intrique to try out the recipe, do click here for Gordon Ramsay's Just Dessert Crepe and here for Pierre Hermes Chocolate Pastry Cream recipe. I promise you´ll never regret it.

Session Two, In The Garden
She´s up to her mischief as usual and loves a drink or two. Mama loves getting high with bubbly apparently and I wonder where hubby learned that from? Hehe. No celebration is without bubbly when Mama is around and on this special day, she surprised us with Erdbeere Bowle (Strawberries Wine Punch), a traditional cocktail drank here in the month of May. If you wanna look flushed like summer berries, try this! Soak Strawberries in Waldmeister for a good two hours (even the fruits are not spared!), place them in a huge bowl and pour in a yummy bottle of Sekt (German Champagne) and a good bottle of Riesling. Guranteed Summer Look!

Session Three, In The Garden
It was around 7am when we fire up our grill! The sun was shining happily still when we started and continued so until 9pm (and the sun was still shining happily!). It was a good choice that we decided to have a BBQ session in the garden versus cooking and eating indoor. Nothing beats Al Fresco Dining when the weather´s gorgeous!

While hub did all the difficult part ... kekeke, I brought down the Salad and the Grill Meat. Incase you wonder if I´m a hubby bullier, let me explain. Our pit is an electronic pit hence not so much to do lah. Besides, our pit is as heavy as my bottom and its easy peasy for my hunky-chunky hubby to lift, really :-) But today´s an exception. Hubby has extra task to do. Our beloved grill died on me the night before apparently and I was like ... OMG! How are we going to grill the next day? Hubby being The-Master-Of-All-Trade got it tested, CLEANED THEM ALSO coz ahemmm .. we had quite a celebration the night before resulting in a few spills here and there :-) anyway, towards the end ... hubby happily report that the GRILL is in working condition and ask me to Stay Calm. Es ist NICHT Kaputt Liannemaid means it is not spoilt lah. And I was like ... PHEW!!! Our pitt apparently, though simple looking and does not do a mean grill like the charcoal ones, are indeed quite the smart lah. It will power off automatically when the water level below the griller sinks lower than indicated. To protect the grill from burning apparently. Quite smart hor.

Anyway, anyway ... Hubby also took care of the plates and cutleries while I brought down the Gurkin Salad which I´d prepared earlier. Did I mention that I have a super hubby? Hehehe I must remember to buy him a Superman T-Shirt when I see one! As for the meat, we had Pork Cutlet, Pork Sausage with Schinken Wrap and Chicken Skewers in Paprika Marinade. It was yummy but I was truly stuffed and high for heavy eating. Oh btw, Mama surprised us further with her freshly Baked Bread. Wow, I wish I can bake like her but first, must buy a Bread Machine. And so we ate, and ate and ate ... and yakked, and yakked and yakked.

Later on, we packed the leftovers and all the kacang and headed upstairs. Thankgod its only a few steps away. I was tired as hell but were reminded that I don´t have to attend school anymore hence FREE as a bird! But hubby, poor him huh coz have to work the following day. Nonetheless, it was a pleasure seeing Mama and Papa enjoying themself sooo much and was indeed happy with the surprise we gave them and got Mama talking about it STILL everyday since Sunday!

And that ... I felt is worth every single effort spent with people whom mattered.

Happy Belated Mother´s Day to all Mothers Out there!


  1. ur lucky mum la! great party :D

  2. yeah, its not too bad when one don´t have to do so much .. hahaha, especially the carrying and cleaning part :-)


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