Monday, 11 May 2009

Celebration Party with Sushi and Bubbles!


Finally, my German Integration Course came to an end last Saturday.

With that, we welcome our life now with free days to do whatever we want without being held down by 4 pages of homework EVERY SINGLE DAY (yup, that happened to us for the past 6 months!). No more slogging thru the new language and its meaning, or how its grammatisch defers so much from our mother tongue and why everything just don´t make sense at all. Not too mention, the test we have to endure every Monday ... just to make our life a bit more interesting. Its over, finally ... ALL OVER!

Soooo ... what´s the best, most saint thing a girl got to do? Throw a party! :-)

I invited a few friends over - buddies from school such as Debora and Rocio together with usual group I meet on-off for dinner such as Michelle, Jennifer, Elisa, Vaum, Cecilia and Jo. While I prepared Caprese, Sushis, Agar Agar, lots of Beer and Radler ... they each surprised me with a bottle each of Bubbles and more. Debora even came armed with a basket full of gorgeous Brazilianish Marinated Lamb, Beef, Chicken Wings and Pork Loin meat.

We karaoked with hubs ONLY two Karaoke DVD, but nonetheless enough to survived us to the nights. We blasted the music till our livingroom´s music player got a bit cranky and resulted in me having to bring out our Ipod and its JBL speaker to save the day. We marvelled at the talent of Marcello (Cecilia´s son) when my Wintersports Game CD came into action in our Playstation.

Even Mattheus and Andrea (Elisa´s two angels) whom usually are a bit shy, had fun with the little pond located on our balcony and was amazed with this huge BIRD figurine we placed in it to supposedly scare off ONE identified BLACK bird whom LOVESSSSS taking a splash in it every single time after he´s through with his sand-playing activity downstairs in Mama´s garden, AFTERWHICH (which we had observed soooo many times) would fly off to the neighbour´s roof to sun-tan himself! The thing is, the bath session´s not too bad if the adjoining windows are kept as it is. Clean. Back to the kids, especially Andrea whom were only two. He made my day, really with him occassionally reporting to me in his portugese baby language on what he saw in our home. I guess he was trying to tell me that he spotted Kermit, Ernie, Bart and Bear Bear, of which all ... ahem, belong to hub. My lou kung. :-)

One thing I must mention. Debora´s marinated meat were sooooo yummy! I never knew that our lil electronic grill can produce such gorgeous meat. I guess it helps that her chosen cut contains quite a bit of fat to produce the succulency, which sadly, the locals here prefer not to have. Not so healthy, it seems. But I suspect that´s not just it. Perhaps, there were some secret Brazilianish herb mix in? There´s also hint of Paprika with it which went really well with most of the meat type. Whatever it is, I will bug her for the recipe and keep you posted when I get them.

My sushi were surprisingly not bad. Its my first time making them and its not difficult at all. Everyone `Prost`with each single bite to signify their approval, which again, made my day and to that ... we drank ourselves past midnight and more until our tummy cannot take it anymore and finally, having to hail a taxi to go home coz drinking and driving here is a BIG no no.

What a night.


  1. sushi bubbles salad.. so nice.. so healthy! lovely collage too;)

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog while searching for a recipe.

    What great fun, and what beautiful pictures, and delicious food. I enjoyed looking around so much. I lived in Munich in the early 80s and again for four months in 2007, and I have friends in Holland, so it was like a mini return trip for me.

    Wish you all the best. :-)


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