Monday, 4 May 2009

Brain Empowering Time ...


German Dialog Exam, German Migration Test, B1 Test ....

The first two went smoothly and one more to go this Saturday. This is the major one aka TOUGH and everyone´s sweating over it now. Its amazing too to hear some fellow classmates popping special suppliments, eating more fruits and vegetables, taking special juices etc just to maximise their brain power. Wowwwww .... as for me, no exception lor but not to that extreme. I have been eating more comfort food and taking more vege and fruits to detox away. Also makes me more energetic as compared. Anyway, this is it ... I can only do one thing from now till Saturday. That is ... bury myself in revision!

So, have a good week everyone. I shall resume blogging once its all over.


  1. All the best! Maybe you should take chicken's essence (if they're available there) :)

  2. good luck with the exams! i like the new look on your blog!


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