Monday, 27 April 2009

Eat More Vege During Pig Flu Season ...


It was such coincidence that Precious Pea featured a blog about vegetable farming this week when I was about to release mine from my draft folder. Unlike Precious Pea whom had a whole lot more going in her backyard (oh gosh, check our her kangkung, potato leaves and those hugeeeee japanese cucumber), mine is ... ahem, just tip of the iceberg. Seeded, planted and perhaps have to wait a month or two more to go before we can harvest them.

Nonetheless, I would like to share with you what we´ve planted downstairs with the plot of land Mama gave us few weeks ago. And I guess its also appropriate to say that eat more vege now, now that the pigs flu is making its round claiming its next victim.

Behold ... at the bottom right picture above is our tiny weeny Tomato plant with the 4 supporter. Heirloom it is not, but off cocktail tomato variety. Actually, I wasn´t so keen on tomato planting and this was hubby´s idea as I´m not such a tomato fan. But to think of it, I can make tomato sauce with it???! Ahh. Our Spinach (bottom left) from last Autumn. Growing pretty well and sturdy too! This is actually a variety I´m not familiar with, but since Mama gave me the seeds to try, why not huh. And here I am, thinking .. how to eat this??? Any idea?

When I first arrive, I would stinge a little by buying seeds for gardening and hope for the best. But nowadays, and after so many failure, we resort to infantly ready plants for replanting. Its much easier, not so expensive either and have better chance of surviving. Seen here are our Kohlrabi, a row of them which I have to look up on recipes to cook them with, more Salads .. and ahhhhhhhh, this reminds me of a packet of Meslun Salad which I had still and yet to be seeded! But that´s not all. I was in Garden Centre two days ago, and check out what I grabbed? Red Peperoni aka Red Chillies and Brocolli!

I have lots of idea still, but space is suddenly an issue after hubby decided to use 70% of the landspace for flowers instead. I wanted sooo much to plant Zucchini for its flower, a lemon tree, figs, Brussels Sprout, Leeks and more, but guess have to wait next year than.

But Mama´s got some bunch of interesting fruits and vegetables in her plot, and THAT, I shall wait for the right time to feature them here.


  1. spinach salad. they are amazing :)

  2. No no no. Salad Caprise!! Much much better. You don't grow your own tomatoes do you? My garden is in Cold Storage (lame joke, I know)


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