Thursday, 12 March 2009

First Birthday Experience in Foreign Land

I was still half asleep when hubby slip this Thomas Sabo Charm onto my necklace. A rose to signify our love. Just like the my other Sabo charms, it all represent an important journey in my life ...


Hubby did ask me few days ago what I wanted.

But guess what? I said, I have no idea ... coz I felt that I had everything. He suggested a watch - which I had 3 and are sitting prettily in the shelves and recently too, Mama gave me one, perfume - which I have close to a dozen and I have also recently purchased one and was immediately rewarded by another bottle free - yeah, I am really lucky to think of it, and few other things.

Hubby did not stop at just the Thomas Sabo Charm ...

He presented me a box ... and ask me to open it. Than he went off to work ...

I went back to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

It was after all ... 6.30 am!

Fast forward at around 7.30pm-ish ...

I decided to open my present. My mind was upside down trying to guess what´s in it. I recognise the shop´s name. La Casa .. a shop here selling lots of wonderful stuff from Home Decor, Porcelain and such ... but I have no clue still.


THAN ... I SCHRIEKED IN DELIGHT! He remembered! I have told hubby many months ago that I wanted to start collecting. Everyone here collects something, and I was inspired by it too. I was not keen to collect cars and such like hubby, or expensive porcelain like Mama ... but instead, I was very, very, verrrryyyy attracted to Ritzenhoff´s Piggy Bank Collection.

For those unfamiliar with Ritzenhoff company, click here (btw, its a german based company)

I told hubby many months ago that I wanted to start with small one coz the large ones are rather expensive. He said sureeee, go ahead .. but I never went ahead to get it. I am not working after all, and spending on collecting stuff just seems so extravagant to me right now.

BUT LOOK! He got me a BIGGGG ONE and this piece is categorised under Ritzenhoff Piggy Bank Collection - Juliane Breitbach 2004.

I immediately reached out for our Euro coins (only the 1 and 2 Euro ones) and feed them in! Haha.


Mama came in late afternoon to hand me my pressies too and as usual, she would not come without some bloom in hand ...


As for the gift ... ahemmmmmm, I do need help in this department!


The following day were spent cleaning our little haven for party with friends ...








The Stammtisch Group (both the men and women group) surprised me with some capital injection for my upcoming driver licence lessons. BTW, its easier to get a visa to stay in this country, apply for social help or both THAN to obtain a driving licence to drive a car. And in my case, you are talking about someone whom has 14 years of driving experience. Our Malaysian driving licence is NOT recognise here (so sadddd) but really, I am not surprised at all coz we are known to be aggressive drivers on the road. And soooo ... I have to take my practical and theory again, together with first aid lessons, eye test and a whole LOT more.


Rocio got me something very useful in this country. Moisturiser for my face and bodyyyy ... thanks!


The day ended around 12 midnight but not before catching up with Rocio and Deborah till 2am.

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  1. wa.. so romantic huh.. he slipped the chain round your neck while u slept! if Cumi did that he'd probably choke me with his huge hands! as a reflex id probably kickbox him into oblivion.. hahahahaha... plonk:P


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