Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Earth Hour Everyday

I was excited that a lot of Malaysian participated by turning off the lights and energy consumption during Earth Hour Event last week. And kudos to those blogger whom spreaded the message further too. Its an international event with participation from lots of well known developed countries in the world with the countries landmark heading the limelight. I was even more proud when I spotted my beloved homeland in the TV limelight here with KLCC almost in 99% darkness when the Earth Hour´s news coverage came onboard.

Here´s a photo of our beloved Twin Tower before the Earth Hour ...

And this is during the 1 hour `puasa`

I sincerely am so proud of my fellow Malaysian whom had made a difference towards caring for Mother Earth. Bravo Guys! Malaysia Boleh! Having said that, I have also heard some rambling on the amount of money spent of the awareness campaign blah blah blah and its all too commercialised. Well .. on the campaign part, its needed lah ... otherwise, how will the public know, right? On the commercialization part ... normal lah. Cannot avoid but as a caring public ... as long as we do the part that we feel right loh.

I however still feel that there´s more that can be done after the Earth Hour and coincidently too, we were in the chapter of Caring for Mother Earth in class today. It was interesting indeed for us - the new immigrants to this country to learn about the ways and method one can contribute to make this place a better place for us to live in. Hope you don´t mind me sharing as I find that over here in Germany, the Gomen and the people area doing a great job in this area.

For example ...

ALWAYS Bring a Shopping Bag
Can start small. Just slot a small little shopping bag into your handbag (it does not take so much space right?) and voila! You´re at it already. Although I started practising this way back in KL, I have the tendency to forget at times and so, as a tip, why not put a shopping bag in your schoolbag (if you go to school), notebook bag (if you bring notebook to work), and in the Car or Motorcycle or whatever that´s convenient to you. It helps too that the supermarket here charges for the plastic bag and its not cheap I tell ya. However, plastic bag comes free in other stores and it is here that one can discipline themselves by refusing a plastic bag (if the item is small) or Bring a Bag if its a bigger item.

Use a Tupperware when Packing Food
When I was living in KL, my sis and I would without fail go tapau dinner every single night after working hour from nearby coffeeshop. Whenever Pasar Malam is held, it gets worst as we go on makan spree! It is times like these that one starts accumulating not less than 2-3 plastic bag of all shapes and sizes (for noodle lah, sauce lah, the soup lah etc) at any one go, and this if you were to calculate will balloon up to 100s in a months time! This is why there´s sooo many plastic factories in Malaysia lah, coz Malaysia´s demand over them is high. But can you imagine how much energy is used to disposed all these plastics off? It takes up space, energy and not to mention pollute our mother earth.

Discard The Right Way
I think this is one of the major problem the world is facing and is most challenging especially when a country is developed and its citizen are consuming lots of packaged goods by the day but yet sorting bins are not available in every household e.g Yoghurt Container, Shampoo Container, Toothpaste Tube, Glass Bottles, Jam Jars, Maggi Wrapper, M&M Wrapper, Cookies and more. Some authoritised claimed that they have personnel to sort out the rubbish once collected but really can they really sort of the TONNES of rubbish every single day? I sincerely doubt so. Therefor, if you come across a Coloured Recycled Bin near you, I urge you to use it. In general, these are the colour indication - Yellow for Plastic, Green for Bio Waste, Brown for Paper and Black for Everything Else inc Food. Clothes can be donated to the needy, and so does Furniture. Batteries are to be disposed off separately as it is flammable. It is better to get them sorted so that the right materials are discarted/burn off accordingly instead of all in a big bin and all they do is burn or bury them as WHOLE.

Use Electricity Sparingly
When I first arrive in Germany, I was soooo not use too how dim this country is when night comes. Their highways / interchange are dark with minimum lights although they have the best, possible highway quality. The public toilet lights are off when no one uses them and when one needs them, all you do is switch it on and the button is always nearby. Just like how you do at home. It is very rare thing for me to see any PC or Notebook on when not in use here. But what surprise me most is, most people here resort to using candles in the evening while watching a movie etc. I think its a good idea, not to mention sooo Romantic! Aircond is a major energy consumption in Malaysia but really, how many times did you wake up only to find that yourself wrapped up like a pancake because the aircond is too cold? Why not get a timer? What about turning off the TV when not watching? Speaking of these, I now realise that a lot of household likes to have their TV on just to have some noise in the background, you get what I mean? Well ...

Recycle Rainwater and Water Related
Water here are not cheap. We pay for clean water, dirty water (means water that goes down the severage system after using) and rainwater which are water that´s accumulated within your house compound e.g roof and drive-in area but excluding garden land and areas of roof where we collect rainwater for reuse. The recycled water are used for many purposes for eg watering plants, general washing outside and more. But you may asked, what difference does it make? Well, very little honestly but this also make us appreciate the clean water we get every single day. We don´t need the tap on when we are in the midst of brushing our teeth. Or do we need so much water when washing our car just because we´re not paying for it (this holds true to condo owners whom uses the public car wash area to wash their cars). Our weather has been running havoc for sometime. One day rain like there´s no tomorrow and the next day, it feels like we´re in Sahara. Who knows if we will run out of usable water soon?

Alternative Energy
Solar energy, Bio Energy, Wind Energy, River Energy and more. To start with, install a Solar Energy for your homes hot water and heating needs. It may cost a lot initially but if you do a return of investment over the period of 20 years, its really worth it. Its fabulous really, knowing that you´re not only doing something for the earth but also paying minimum or none for it.

Take the bus, the train or Car Pool. Or be like me, take the bicycle or walk when the weather is not too extreme. It helps that an umbrella is with you too, just to protect yourself from Snatch Thief lah, OR the Sun but really ... can loose weight too. What to do, Petrol is not exactly cheap and it will definately run out one day and the Toyota Pirius is not exactly affordable too.

I believe there´s a lot more than can be done apart from this list. Feel free to add here in the comment box if you have any suggestions :-)

Start today and make a difference. It feels good really.

Other Suggestions :

1) Support Local Produce, a very good feedback from Ciki on 01 April 2009.


  1. Bravo, nicely written. Great perspective on the environment from a Malaysian living abroad... see u soon, Lianne :-)

  2. vegetarian! suppose to eat less red meat too.. but erm.. cannot la.. :P

    were u there at klcc? we were at ozeki so maybe i saw u!

  3. Good environmental friendly tips. In Australia, more shoppers are encourage to bring their own bags when shopping. We leave ours in the car and take them with us to the markets, supermarkets etc. Less mess in the cupboard too!

  4. I didn't get to witness the Dark Hour In M'sia as I was in Singapore that time. But Chinatown and Clarke Quay in SG was brightly lit though... Made me wondering if SG actually took part in the event.


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