Monday, 9 March 2009

6th March 2009, Officially Married


The day came and go like a dream. It was perfect, really and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whom had dropped us messages here and there for their well wishes. We also wanna thank Lillian and her family for driving a good 10 hours from Geneva just to be with us (bigggggg hug).

And to those whom helped us to keep up with the local tradition here, got the atmosphere roaring to sky high and more! To the Stammtisch groupppp .... VIELEN, VIELEN DANK!

A note of thank you to Dirk and Carola too, for surprising us with a home baked wedding cake, and to Dirk ... awwww, whom took time to colour the brides hair to black and champagned up the dress colour (I didn´t know that guys can be sooo detailed!), it was tasty and yummy!

Our official photo´s are all under development still and seen here posing with us is Gabi, a last minute decision which we thankfully made. We had nonetheless captured some with my camera too. Thanks Andrew!


And NOW .... we´re moving on to our KL wedding project. Stay tune folks!


  1. Wah, you look so pretty! Congratulations, guys! So happy for you. :-)

  2. what a beautiful couple! congrats again!

  3. u luk lovely! The groom dashing.. :) congrats woman


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