Monday, 5 January 2009

Day One of Wonder Diet

Living in a foreign land had definately made me pile on the pounds. After months of regular diary product, pasta and bread had finally made me look more chinese. My eyes had been asianised further and my cheeks had dissapeared. Shopping for clothes is no longer fun because there´s always some extra bits hanging out where its not suppose to. I was at Zara & H&M - Kassel the other day and they were having huge sale. On any normal occassion, I would be leaping with joy, but I came out empty handed. I didn´t want to buy something that fits me. I want to buy something smaller so that it inspires me to be smaller. But before that, I must have a plan.

Here´s what I´m embarking on along with my other half.

a) The 21 Day Wonder Diet that´s suppose to make one loose UP TO 10 kg. Its a 3 meals a day program where we were given a weekly shopping list to do, cook them and stick by it. Sounds simple but in reality, it pretty tedious coz you have to follow exactly. The reward so far had been delicious food, minus the guilt. And so, I will journal down my adventure in this aspect from now on.

b) Our Room Renovation had started and we will be DIYing almost 85% of the task. We spent the whole yesterday planning what´s needed in our new room, and what´s our course of action and boy, wasn´t it lenghty. Our specifications were pretty extensive. We wanted a huge XL bed coz my other half is not exactly short. We wanted the height to be higher than normal and was attracted by the ones we slept on in CitizenM Amsterdam. We wanted good storage underneath the bed. We need lots of wardrobe space hence it will be a back to back kinda concept with about 6 feet length space each side, one for each of us. I wanted to have a shoe system from Ikea´s range to be incorporated in too for all my shoe collection. Hehe. Than comes the gadget part from the lightings, TV and etc. So much to do. We estimated a good 100 hour, and no less for the job and hope that all will be accomplished before our big day coz Ashleen and her mummy/daddy will be bunking with us! And all this are in addition to our regular work/school commitment, house work and misc commitments. That´s equavalent to XXX calorie burning activitiy ...

Before anything ... we weight ourselves.

Weight as off 4th January 2009 is 76.5kg (NOT GOOD!)

Here´s what we ate yesterday.

- 70 grams Fruit Yoghurt
- A Cup of Black Coffee with Sweetener
- 100 grams Pomelo
- 100 grams Watermelon.


Lunch was Pancake Wrap with 100 grams of chicken fillet, tomatoes, spinach and carrots. For flavouring, we smeared our pancakes with local mustard equavalent to Dijon Mustard and Plain Yoghurt. This tasted surprisingly yummy!


We were allowed to snack on Capsicum Sticks with Low Fat Ricotta Cheese. I took it literarily to snack between breakfast and lunch, but really, its not needed coz we had a late breakfast and lunch was just two hours away. The killer period was between lunch and dinner and this was when I was scrambling for snacks. I broke the rules and had a SMALL piece of chocolate.


The killer that was not suppose to be, Fresca Cocktail. I cannot help it coz I had been eyeing on this cocktail since Christmas and the grapefruit were just lying there, waiting for me to do something with. But instead of normal recipe, I had in them 30 ml Vodka (Russian Red Orange Vodka), half grapefruit slices, and lemon sparkling water that carries close to nothing calories. it was marvelous.


Dinner was 200 grams of Grilled Provencial Chicken Fillet with Green Peas, Pumpkin and Potatoes. It was satisfying. But I broke the rule again and had 200 grams of Cheese Puffs :-)


I better get my act together coz our big day is coming up soon!

Tomorrow will be better, I promise.


  1. Bravo! Nice write up again...
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Lianne :-)

  2. the protein looks enough to last quite a bit..abit light on the brekkie though..

    cant wait to see the results!!!

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