Friday, 23 January 2009

Gong Hei Fatt Choy from Geneva!


I've just touched down to Geneva last night, and am resting comfortably in Lillian's place at the border of France, Veigy-Foncenex, 10 km away from Geneva. Where I'm at now is breathtaking and serene. Its snowing outside. What greets us not far from her place were gorgeous landscape of French Alps Mountain and Andrew had happily informed us over our yummy Raclade dinner and French Macaroon Dessert last night that we're going up to the mountains either today or tomorrow for skiing!!!

I'm super thrilled everyone! Here, I would like to wish everyone Gong Hei Fatt Choy too and have a Bullish 2009!


Monday, 12 January 2009

Day Six of Wonder Diet

I had a blast last weekend.

It started with Friday night where we gathered at Sandra´s place for a Crimi Dinner (Detective Night + Dinner), which had the girls all dressed up. Someone came as Snow White, some came as Prince, Hansel & Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Wicked Stepmother, Witch, The Brave Tailor, Mrs. Holler and me - as Goldmariechen, a little girl whom sprinkles gold whenever she gets the chance. Sandra´s dining area was transformed to Fairy Tale land, where else every single participant made an effort to dress up as close as possible to the character they carry. I was the least dressed, needless to say as I have no idea who Goldmariechen is. I was told to wear something gold. Besides, Goldmariechen´s role in this dinner was minimum and Sandra had picked the role for me because my understanding of the language is not so good yet. But the group nonetheless wanted me to join in the fun :-) I enjoyed the dinner but I ought to apologize again for no photo were capture. Dinner that night were pizzas, cheese and pesto puffs, german beefballs, coucous, springrolls, sausages and many other nibbles. What a fun night, especially finding out in the end who the murderer was.

The fun part was surely fun and easy, but next came the tough one. My weight after all the nibbles! An update on what I had ...

Here´s what I ate on Saturday.

Cranberry Loaf for breakfast ...


Bouillabaise Soup for lunch ...


Since it was Mama´s birthday, we toasted a bottle of Piper Champagne around 3pm, followed by a cake session. We had a Rasberry Cake (homemade) and Maracuja (Passionfruit Cake) which was store bought and a tad too sweet for my liking. I had a slice each. More German Seks (sparkling wine) were laid on the table. Since Dirk came all the way from Dortmond to celebrate Mama´s birthday too, Mama made us additional dinner of Nudle with Frikadelle, and Schnitzel pieces. I had a piece of Schnitzel and 2 pieces of Nudle with Frikadelle along with more bubbly :-)

Although I had a great weekend, all my past effort was GONE. Actually, I only put on extra 05kg back after all the eating session. Not bad huh. But now that I have switched officially to our New Beurer Digital Scale - the ones with all the canggih measurement of water, fat, muscle, and calorie burn indicator -

I am officially 76.4kg, which is 2% heavier.

This was the cake we had at Mama´s place on Saturday but was actually taken on Sunday in between our break. Looks good isn´t it?


My class is starting on Monday hence I don´t think I am able to continue with the Wonder Diet. There´s a shopping list to do and I have not done it for second week yet. I´m not sure how can I pack my breakfast and lunch to school and bring them along in my tiny bag. I´m not sure if some of the meals can withstand being in the tupperware for so long (think salad etc).

Will see how it goes.

On our big day front .. we´ve gotten our dinner venue in Ahaus confirmed. We were quite lucky really to be able to secure the venue last minute as there isn´t that many choices we have here as compared to KL, really and this place is one of the best coz the surrounding around the restaurant is magnificient. There is a Water Castle and a Park adjourning to this hotel and the view can be breathtaking! We have also decided to have perform our wedding vows in a gorgeous Villa here, and it was only yesterday that I manage to go take a look at it. I love the Villa and can´t wait for our big day to be held there soon.


After our dinner venue confirmation, we walked around the Castle Garden a bit. The weather was mild yesterday, around 1C hence a lot of parents and couples were seen strolling around.


Since Ahaus belong to Northern Germany, some seagulls were spotted around the water surrouding the Castle when they move downwards from Northse, away from the cold cold winter air from the sea. Some generous folks were seen feeding them with bread pieces.


The water around the castle had totally frozen up after a week of more than minus 10 temperature here. One can ice skate here, but at ones risk.


Sunset in Ahaus.


There were swans, colourful ducks, geese and seagulls.


Along with one magnificient tree which I can help goo-goo-gaa-gaa over.


Our big day´s plan here is far from over. Our room renovation is in the process as well. Than, there´s my daily class along with our KL big day and trip. I hope I am not too stressed out to derail off from my weight loss aim.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Day Five of Wonder Diet

I´m leaving you with a quick entry today coz I have to be in town to do some chores soon.

Mama Else´s birthday is coming up soon hence I need to pick up or get ideas of what to get for her birthday. I have just discovered that my class had started on 5th January too and NOT 15th January (the school called me yesterday and thought that I was sick or something), so off I went this morning to the hair salon to get my hair permed quickly. And guess what? My earlier inquiry was Euro33.00 for Hair Cut and Perm but its actually Euro56.00 instead. I think there was some sign language miscommunication with Lotte - my hairstylist when I inquired about the price earlier. No idea what´s the word for Hair Perm :-) Hence, I have to pay the balance after this.

Here´s some lovely pics I took on the way to town today. Its about 1/2km walk from our place, the weather weren´t too bad, the skies were blue, the trees were covered with white snow and the sun were shinining its orange yellow hue across the nature. It was a sigh to behold.


Walking under the sun never felt so good.


Icy road, perfect for cycling or driving.


On my diet front, great news today. I stepped on the scale this morning to discover that my weight had fallen to ...


That´s 1 kg difference from the day before. But before celebrating, I really ought to go get a new scale back. Just to confirm. So here´s what I had yesterday.

Rasberry Smoothies. Delicious, of course.


I had the Ham and Zucchini Wrap, which was suppose to be the meal for the day before. I love the combination of cold zucchini stick against the saltiness of the ham. The pancake was filling and satisfying too.


I was starving as early as 5pm, coz my lunch was around 12noon. Hence, I decided to make this. A large bowl of Stir Fry Vegetables with Prawns. Juergen came back on time to nibble them with me. You can´t see it in this photo alright because its a deep bowl. We finished everything.


For dinner, the meal plan was suppose to be Sesame Beef Stir Fry and Couscous. But we got them substituted with Pork Slices, and Homemade Pasta instead. I thought the paste was great, and was contemplating to have actual portion, but I manage to refrain myself and had half portion insted. The Sesame Pork Stir Fry was great! I was never a fan of sesame oil, but this was really good!


So there you go, the magical recipe that made me lose 1kg overnight :-) Tonight will be tough one coz I´m going over the Sandra´s place for Criminal Dinner Session. I hope they will let me nibble in peace and not offer me any sinful food!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Day Four of Wonder Diet

Another cccccccooolldddd day here.

Everything seems to be on a standstill. Children whom were seen playing in the park during summer are all indoor now. Adults whom throngs the shopping street are sparsely spotted. As for me, lots of errands to do and wishing for the weather here to get warmer soon. Here´s a photo taken from our bedroom window looking down towards our garden and beyond. Its a sigh really, but as how winter is - its better to enjoy the whiteness behind the comfort of your home.


Great news on my diet front! I gained back half kilo this morning and made my day. So officially, my weight is back at 76kg. Damn.

Of course, I know where´s the culprit. Now that I have to journal down every little detail of what I put in me. Yesterday was tough. It started off discovering that we don´t have any cereals left hence I can´t follow the recommended meal plan for day four. I refered to Day Five´s breakfast instead and made myself Toasted Muffin, Sunny Side Up, Slices of Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar. It was surprisingly yummy and the best is, it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.


Than came lunch. I was out shopping for some freshmeat for the dinner meals but little did I know, I was starving when I got back and all I could think off was grill myself a slice of the Pork Loin instead of making pancake crepe, and later wrapping it with bacon and zucchini. It was a thin slice which saw me through an hour or two, and again, later, got me scrambling again for food. I reached out for a piece of Frikadelle and soon after, was totally satisfied. Sorry no photo coz I was feeling really guilthy to capture them.

The evening before, I had promised my other half homemade tiramisu. But before you say .... NOOOOO, you did not eat that Lianne! Well ... this Lianne were discipline enough out of the blue. Phew. But it was hard alright. As a reward, I made myself some lovely Orange Juice, freshly squeeze from our squeezer machine. The machine had been lying there for as long as I remember and I never get a chance to use it. It was really handy. Love it. The spanish oranges were all so sweet and fragrant!


When Juergen returned from work, we had to rush off to a bed store to go source for our new mattress. Afterwhich, we speed off to the nearest Ikea which was located in Netherland (not Germany) to go pick up our wardrobe´s internal system pieces. Hunger follows soon after, and we ended up having our dinner there. I had their Salmon Set which came with some sinful looking cream sauce (I know!), some vegetable stir fry and fries! I only ate half of the fries btw, but that´s like XXX calories huh.


Snacks that were meant to be, but was never touched. Carrot and Pepper sticks.


I need new weighing scales.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Day Three of Wonder Diet

The first thing I do lately before anything else is step on the weighing scale.

And today, it read ...

75.5kg! That means I´ve lost another half kilo! Amazing!

Tthat´s great news coz it will inspire me to continue. I reckon, refraining myself from the bag of cheesepuff did help after all. And yesterday, I took a brisk walk to nearby K+K and Aldo for a little shopping. Its nothing more than 1.5 kilometre but with the winter gear I´m wearing, I´m pretty sure some calories were burnt there. Not complaining at all :-)

Last night, the weather sinked to the coldest ever, in Ahaus. Before we went to bed, it read Minus 14.4. Minus 14.5 is the record captured in this equipement so far and that´s like donkey years ago. Come this morning, we discovered it went all the way down to Minus 16! That´s a new record broken there! Brrrrrr.


Moving back to the diet westerday, though it showed result, it was definately challenging. I was hungry between lunch and dinner, and it continued to sleep time. The indicated snack didn´t help much. I presume that this diet is a lot easier to chew in Spring or any other season, except winter coz our human body needs more fat to combat the cold. If I were to stay in, I guess it would have been fine but since I went out twice ....

Here´s what I had.

Mango Lassi with Mango, Buttermilk and Sweetener. The only Mango available here are the Brazillian ones and its nothing like the ones I get back home where its sweet and aromatic, hence I did not enjoy this drink. Its filling though. This drink carries 203 calories.


Lunch was suppose to be Roast Beef and Coleslaw on Rye Bread, but I don´t take beef. Nor do I fancy Rye Bread. Besides, I´ve got lots of leftover and if I don´t use them properly, it will somehow end up being a cocktail :-) So, I came up with a clever idea. Tadaaa ... I turned them into Thai Pomelo Salad! In it were Pomelo, Onions, Dried Shrimps, Chilli, Fish Sauce, Lemon Juice and Sweetener. Nothing compares to the real deal in Thailand but I´m happy with my Sweet and Sour lunch. Minus the guilt.


Dinner was pretty interesting. I made couscous. Its my first time making and I´m really pleased with the result. The vegetable stock had to be boiled, than remove from heat. Add the couscous in and let it stand for 5 minutes. Naturally, the flavour of the vegetable stock were all absorbed by the couscous and its tasty as it is already, but to give it a further lift, I cooked some tomatoes and cucumber along with some onions and garlic. Let it sweat a little in your pan and mix the couscous in later. I thought it was an interesting dish to master.


My other half had them ala french with his Provencial Chicken.


I had mine with Schollen Fish, a kind of flat fish from North Sea and Scandinavia. Love it very much coz it had delicate, buttery texture flesh with light fishy aroma.


Snack was suppose to be a small Pear but I had these instead. A piece. Only 56 calorie and its wickedly good!


Monday, 5 January 2009

Day Two of Wonder Diet

I´ve lost 0.5kg! And I´ve only started the program for 2 days :-)

I did not expect to see quick results but again, I better not speak too early coz our scale can get pretty cranky at times. It is more than 10 years old after all and I ought to get myself a new Digital Scale that comes with all the wonderful measurement of water level etc. Yesterday was a lot easier than the first. I did not have the urge to snack at all, but I DID have a small slice of cake at Sandra´s place in the afternoon. To compensate for the cake, a large portion of rice were cut out from my dinner though and I guess, I am on the right track huh.

My weight as off 5th January 2009 is 76kg!

And here´s what I had yesterday.

A Slice of Rye Bread with Low Fat Ricotta Cheese, Sweet Corn and Baby Spinach. I love the spinach, corn and ricotta cheese combo but I still have to get use to the taste of Rye Bread.


Lunch was Salad of Potato, Tuna and Egg. I was a bit apprehensive with the potato appearance in this meal plan coz it had been ingrained into my mind that they carry lots of calorie due to its starchy nature, but my Wonder Diet book plan states that the meal carries only 275 calorie. Lega. I think this is a fabulous salad to make for pot luck party instead of the usual potato salad, green salad etc. A keeper.


Snack for today was leftover Melon from Day One´s breakfast hence, no photo was taken. You know how it looks like. But this time round, I split the portion for inbetween lunch and dinner hour, and after dinner. Ahhh ... all from experience.

No cheesepuffs, no chocolates, no turkish delight, no cocktail and all the yummy stuffs we received for Christmas. Our snack department ought to be LOCKED UP, really. I don´t know how long can I tahan.

Lastly, something I´ve heard of pretty frequently but have not tried. To my surprise too, it tasted sooooo darn good! The dish is called Chilli Con Carne and instead of beef, I´ve got them replaced with minced pork. Its cooked with a can of onions, garlic, chopped tomatoes, chilli flakes, yoghurt and of course, the mexican bean. Made a difference. This was Juergen´s portion btw. Mine was half of his because I overachieved my quota in the afternoon.


So here goes ... our meal for day two. I´ve loving every second of it and it fills up my time wonderfully too due to my school break now. I hope I can keep up with his when school starts and pray that I will not overindulge during our CNY holiday in Geneva and France.

Hey, wanna see our Room Renovation progress? Hehe .. its early stage still but I thought I would share with you this picture because its really a classic ... the home we are living in right now is an old house from Great Grandpa Kocks, passed to Grandpa, to Papa and now to my other half. Throughout the century, this room had seen the lights of the latest in construction material and rightly said, wallpaper covering.


We spent almost a good 10 hours workout tearing down the layers of wallpapers left from the many generations, to discover this. A wall with multiple holes, uneven texture and lots of creative plasterwork. And so, we have to adjust our plans a little bit. Instead of plastering a new layer of wallpaper, we´d opting to repaint them after giving the wall a good threatment.


More exercise to come!

The wall looks rustic isn´t it?

Day One of Wonder Diet

Living in a foreign land had definately made me pile on the pounds. After months of regular diary product, pasta and bread had finally made me look more chinese. My eyes had been asianised further and my cheeks had dissapeared. Shopping for clothes is no longer fun because there´s always some extra bits hanging out where its not suppose to. I was at Zara & H&M - Kassel the other day and they were having huge sale. On any normal occassion, I would be leaping with joy, but I came out empty handed. I didn´t want to buy something that fits me. I want to buy something smaller so that it inspires me to be smaller. But before that, I must have a plan.

Here´s what I´m embarking on along with my other half.

a) The 21 Day Wonder Diet that´s suppose to make one loose UP TO 10 kg. Its a 3 meals a day program where we were given a weekly shopping list to do, cook them and stick by it. Sounds simple but in reality, it pretty tedious coz you have to follow exactly. The reward so far had been delicious food, minus the guilt. And so, I will journal down my adventure in this aspect from now on.

b) Our Room Renovation had started and we will be DIYing almost 85% of the task. We spent the whole yesterday planning what´s needed in our new room, and what´s our course of action and boy, wasn´t it lenghty. Our specifications were pretty extensive. We wanted a huge XL bed coz my other half is not exactly short. We wanted the height to be higher than normal and was attracted by the ones we slept on in CitizenM Amsterdam. We wanted good storage underneath the bed. We need lots of wardrobe space hence it will be a back to back kinda concept with about 6 feet length space each side, one for each of us. I wanted to have a shoe system from Ikea´s range to be incorporated in too for all my shoe collection. Hehe. Than comes the gadget part from the lightings, TV and etc. So much to do. We estimated a good 100 hour, and no less for the job and hope that all will be accomplished before our big day coz Ashleen and her mummy/daddy will be bunking with us! And all this are in addition to our regular work/school commitment, house work and misc commitments. That´s equavalent to XXX calorie burning activitiy ...

Before anything ... we weight ourselves.

Weight as off 4th January 2009 is 76.5kg (NOT GOOD!)

Here´s what we ate yesterday.

- 70 grams Fruit Yoghurt
- A Cup of Black Coffee with Sweetener
- 100 grams Pomelo
- 100 grams Watermelon.


Lunch was Pancake Wrap with 100 grams of chicken fillet, tomatoes, spinach and carrots. For flavouring, we smeared our pancakes with local mustard equavalent to Dijon Mustard and Plain Yoghurt. This tasted surprisingly yummy!


We were allowed to snack on Capsicum Sticks with Low Fat Ricotta Cheese. I took it literarily to snack between breakfast and lunch, but really, its not needed coz we had a late breakfast and lunch was just two hours away. The killer period was between lunch and dinner and this was when I was scrambling for snacks. I broke the rules and had a SMALL piece of chocolate.


The killer that was not suppose to be, Fresca Cocktail. I cannot help it coz I had been eyeing on this cocktail since Christmas and the grapefruit were just lying there, waiting for me to do something with. But instead of normal recipe, I had in them 30 ml Vodka (Russian Red Orange Vodka), half grapefruit slices, and lemon sparkling water that carries close to nothing calories. it was marvelous.


Dinner was 200 grams of Grilled Provencial Chicken Fillet with Green Peas, Pumpkin and Potatoes. It was satisfying. But I broke the rule again and had 200 grams of Cheese Puffs :-)


I better get my act together coz our big day is coming up soon!

Tomorrow will be better, I promise.