Monday, 8 December 2008

Ski Holiday Trip with a Theme


Thanks to my other halfs suggestion, we´re gonna have a YABBA DABBA DOOOOO TIME from 27th December to 02 January 09! Its a tradition of my other half and his friends + family to go to Saurland every year to spent Christmas and Year End together. Its a 7 day trip with the group and get this ... we are going to have the WHOLE hostel to ourselves! Yippee! Am sooo excited and god knows what the creative team´s gonna do during the theme´s dinner cum party. For me, I have voluntered myself to be the photographer of the trip hence do expect lots of PIX! Now, who should I go as? Wilma, Betty or baby???

p/s : Juergen´s going as Fred and we will be scouting for our costume soon! Need your suggestions!

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