Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Turkish Pizza at Nahrin

Today was another cold day here in Germany.

Though not as bad as few days ago when it snowed constantly, it is still cold enough for me to dash back home after school each day and make myself something warm and comforting. But since it was rather warm, and I am referring to 5C here, I decided to brave myself to the Stadt, aligning myself on the right side of the road and cycled myself along the main strasse in search of a Turkish Laden (turkish grocery shop). Some of my classmate had sang praises over the freshness of their vegetables and fruits, but unfortunately, I ended up in PLUS market and STILL had no idea where the turkish shop is hidden.

And since I cycled and could not go on a shopping rampage, I only manage to pick up some fresh mushrooms, two packet of chocolate malt drink which I intend to bring to school tomorrow and following day, and a set of 5 pieces of office stationary container. I bought them because it was cheap and we needed a container with lid to store our Euros. Currently, our euros are being squashed into an old spectacle container and everytime we look at it, it gives us an eyesore. The euros deserve a much better home, don´t they. In the box were a letter tray, a stationary holder, a namecard holder, a paper holder and a box with an accompanying lid. The price was originally 10E but is now going for 2.50E, which was a steal but what I loved about it was the design. Its mocha in colour and had white thread stitches at the hem. If I´m not mistaken, Metrojaya sells a similar looking letter tray holder for around 80 ringgit-ish and when I spotted it .. I was like .. heyyyyy, Metro is making lots of money huh.

Since I picked up some fresh mushroom, I made myself a large plate of mushroom pasta, and got them drizzled with truffle oil for lunch. My tummy were drumming alright hence, it tasted marvelously and had them polished up in minutes. But apart from cooking, there´s a place I found few weeks back in Stadt which I find are reasonable and nice to go to for lunch when I´m not in the mood to cook or when hunger strikes me when I´m in town. Though there are several Turkish Pizza place in Ahaus, I find Nahrin Grill and Pizzeria Place not bad as their food´s not overly salted and are pretty generous with their ingredients.

So far, I have tried their Funghi und Prosciutto Pizza (3Euro for a small) and I loved it. Though small, I was stuffed by the end of it. They were very generous with their prosciutto, and of course, do keep in mind that Prosciutto cost nothing here as compared to an arm and leg back in KL. The pizza were flavoured fully with the chunks of Prosciutto but what made them even better was the Chanterelle funghi used. If only there´s Proscecco ... but its a bit too lavish to have bubbles for lunch isn´t it? But it seems that in Germany, it is not and everyone drinks them like they drink juice coz its only a mere 5 Euro or less per bottle. Anyway, its something that I have to get use to coz my tummy´s not so use to so much of gas. Ahem.


So instead, I tried Ayran ... A salty turkish yoghurt drink which reminded me very much of indian lassi, minus the sugar and it sure is a much healthier alternative than any of the gassy (ahem, ahem) drink available here.


Overall, it was good a lunch and I went home with a happy belly.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Minus 3

It had been snowing everyday since last Saturday and my friend Lillian whom lived near the Alps were puzzled by it coz its not even snowing there! And so, first thing I did when I arrived home few hours ago was, made myself a large bowl of HOT UDON SOUP NOODLE coz my ass are freezing blue. Cycling is really no fun lately. It just seems so impossible to try and balance my bike on slippery, icey road and at the same time, trying to keep my jacket hood intact from the strong wind so that my head does not get wet from the rain and snow. But if I were to cycle slowly, thus reducing the wind impact, I will get totally drenched by the rain/snow water. But if I cycle any faster, my body would get numb by the chill temperature.

What should I do!

But after all´s been said ... I am having a Hallelujah time here with my friends!

Today, the students and the teacher had a snow fight! The one in black jacket is Allysa, our teacher and she´s one fiesty lady! She threw snow at us, trying to get us to come out and join in the fun!


Aysel, one of the fiesty Turkish schoolmate attacked her back! Hehe ...


After that, a few of us cam whored a little ...

Rocio, Aminah, Deborah and Me


But again ... we ended up with Snow Fight!


Brrrrrrrrrrr .... it is really beautiful here. Though nice to look at, I wish it won´t snow tomorrow coz I hate cycling when snowing.


Coming up next ... Stammtish trip with the Girls to a Christmas Market than, yummy dinner on 6th December, followed by me throwing a Christmas Party for my schoolmate on 12th December at home! Everyone is suppose to bring a dish from their country, so stay tune!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Octoberfest Party at Home


We threw a dinner party two nights before I left for KL. The plan was suppose to be a sit down dinner with a few couple whom had in the past, invited us over to their place but one BIGGGGGG speaker blabber our invite to the whole group and we ended up having to invite the whole group. Unfortunately, or fortunately in this case, a few can´t make it and our guest list were down to a mere 8, versus the usual 20. Phew. But, the preparation was nothing short of simple though.

Here´s what we did.

We sprung up the place as much as possible. We had our dining table removed and got them replaced with Octoberfest table and bench. Frank borrowed us his precious flag from a reputable Octoberfest pub in Munchen. We had them hung up, and it immediately transformed our little haven to a beer tent wannabe. Earlier that day too, we did a bit of shopping. Some white and blue decoration for the house were called for, which saw our place litted up with the theme candle, serviettes, and what not. Mama loaned us some pieces of blue and white table cloth that can be passed off for the theme too. It was awesome. Our motto was, wanna do something? Go all the way out. Yeah.


My man, was happily stocking up his favourite beverage from our regular beverage store. I was happily collecting the stamps that came with the purchase so that we can exchange them some other beverage with the stamps are full. The 8 of us consumed ....

THESE (and not forgetting another 2 dozen being chilled in our fridge).


We also finished 3 barrels of BECKS.


Please don´t ask me how much I drank ... coz I lost count. But I can tell you how many pieces of sausages and meatloaf I ate :-) Traditionally, the Bavarians are radish eaters. Not any cooked radish but raw ones, sliced to about a cm thick and eating them simply as it is.

Seriously, all I can think of that night was boiling them for hours with BBQ pork ribs :-)


Though you can find freshly made Pretzels in every corner of Munchen; in bakery of course but also some are found on roadside stalls when I last visited, the only place I´ve come across them in Ahaus was during a festival here. We got ours from the supermarket´s frozen department and for a layman like me, I really can´t tell the difference.

The only difference is, we had to bake them for over 20 minutes versus buying them off the shop.


We didn´t do much cooking from scratch. It was very much preparation work of reheating and serving. I was a bit apprehensive over such dinner, but by end of the preparation, I was kinda glad that we did not go overboard with the cooking prep due to our time constraint.

For salad, we bought two boxes of Cabbage Salad. I love this. Different from saurkraut where it can get a bit too sourish to my liking, this cabbage salad tasted everything cabbage should be. Fresh, with a hint of light sweet and sourish dresssing.


No pork knuckles coz we don´t know how to cook them. So instead, we bought a kilo of Bavarian Meatloaf. It was really yummy! It taste pretty close to the chinese luncheon meat but not as watery, and one can taste the wonderful aroma of the pork mince and its spices. For these, we had them roasted in our oven for a good 45 minutes.


Knodel or Potato Dumpling, one of my favourite Bavarian side dishes. Tried making them once and it was super tedious. The texture is chewy, a bit bouncy and taste every bite of a potato of course, but its nothing like the usual potato that we eat. We bought them in packets and got them presoaked, than boiled for some minutes. There´s a few varieties to this, some plain and others with bacon bits etc and my personal favourite is still plain but made fresh and available in any Bavarian restaurant in Munchen. This one is passable.


What´s an Octoberfest without their fame sweet mustard? German sweet mustard are THE BEST. Yum.


And naturally, we served along boiled sausages all the way from Bavaria. This was really good


Fooddddd ...


Mama Else kept on commenting that I look like a little girl. She´s always calling me `Meine Kleine Madchen` :-) I´m really so spoilt here.


And my Bavarian man for the night. Ahem. Big, Strong and Friendly.


We ended the party around 12 midnight and went straight to bed for much needed rest. We spent the next morning cleaning up our place and returning back all the borrowed items to the respective owners. It was quite a hectic day as I remembered it, coz not many hours after the cleaning, we had another party to go to; which was Juergen´s boss´s 50th party.

Somehow, we manage to find time still for a little R&R before my flight back to KL on Sunday. We didn´t do much except munching on the chocolate bouquet we received from our friends here. Thanks so much you all! And psssstttt ... there´s even 25E to replenish the chocolates!


So, this was our first dinner party at home. Pretty interesting I´d say and looking forward to another one soon.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Back in Deutschland

To my beloved friends and readers, I know I have totally abandoned my two precious blogs for some weeks now without giving a proper explanation of what actually happened, except that my mum´s not well and I had to pack my bag a week earlier than planned to be with her. Some of my dear friends actually dropped me messages to ask for right time to call but I could not even do that coz I was in such an emotional wreck that week. But all is good now and my mum is well.

It all happened when my sis started updating me about my mum´s deteriotating condition which left her unable to eat and drink. She was vomiting constantly and doctor could not rule out anything except to suggest her to do more test to determine the reason. They didn´t want to admit her as it was not serious enough it seems but I was rather skeptical as she was admited to UH and UH, though is a fairly good hospital, they are also knowned to turn away patients due to resources constraint. Anyway, when I was back in Malaysia, they had ruled out blood and urine infection. Due to my dad´s negligence in giving her the same dosage of diabetic medication minus the eating and drinking, it worsen further and got my mum into hypo stage which explains why she was not responding to anyone during the last week when I decided to fly back. My dad subsequently got ill due to the 3 weeks of non-stop monitoring of my mum, and my sis too, whom were 7 months pregnant were diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetic. Everything was in a mess, chaotic and they needed moral support.

But what actually broke me was a stupid news ... and it was not once, but twice.

My brother, whom totally believes in chinese medium practise had went to seek advise on my mum´s condition. I know. What is a girl like me believing in such a thing. But trust me, when one is faraway, and can only hope to listen to her mum´s voice but could not coz she is too weak, and can only rely on another person to tell her how good or bad the condition is, I was not ready to take chances. The thing is ... the first medium said that she had 10 more days to live. I broke down, cried over the phone with my sis and tried to think of a way to explain this to my other half. But after the scare, it suddenly came to me and my sister´s senses to not believe 100% in such practises, and naturally, I was cursing under my breathe why would my brother go seek such information at the first place? To me, some things are better left unknown. And so, a few nights before I departed, I requested for my sis to try and admit her into the hospital again (and need not be UH, although it is best there coz they have ALL of my mum´s record). At the same time, both of us asked my brother to go seek second opinion. Since we´ve come this far, we can´t turn back isn´t it? The dangling feeling of what if were haunting us still and we figured, we just had too. And so, 3 days after ... my brother went to seek second opinion and guess what? The second opinion said she had 7 days LEFT!

This was the reason why I flew back.

I didn´t care by than if the information was realiable or not, coz all I was thinking of was ... I wanna tell my mum how much I love her and I felt that I have not told her enough. I wanted to say that to her face to face and I wanted her to know again that I love her. I wanted to hug her frail body frame and kiss her unconditionally and tell her that everything will be alright. I wanted to tell her that I miss her very much and I think of her constantly.

I was not late in telling her that and I am so thankful that I manage to do that.


I love you mum, and nothing can change that.

Here´s a family photo I wish to share with you all. It was taken on the eve of our departure date. Everyone was there, from my brother and his girlfriend, the new maid Sumi whom my sis engaged in to care for my mum, my dad, my sis, her hubby Ben, Ashleen and her grandma whom came all the way down from Penang to care for my sis coz she was having fainting spell. The other maid Linda whom cares for Ashleen and my mum originally, were back in Indonesia as her dad passed away that very week. She´s a great help to the family and I could not thank her more for what she´d done. Everyone had been great, and I´m so glad to have such supportive and loving family back home.

Now that I am entering Deutschland afresh as a spouse, it felt kinda different really. I am settling here for good, I hope that everyone back home will be in pink of health for long time to come.

And to my fiance, Juergen ... I love him for being there for me. There´s more on that laterrrrr