Saturday, 18 October 2008

School Had Started

I was a huge fan of Mind Your Language while growing up. To those not familiar with it, it is about a group of international student learning English from Mr. Brown. The plot was very simple but throroughly entertaining due to the various background differences and culture upbringing. The miscommuncation often sents me and my sibblings rolling on the floor, and till today, some of the famous liner from the student is still fresh in my mind.


My Deutsch Integration course which includes the language study itself were not further different from the said sitcom!

It was fun and entertaining. I am currently studying in VHS, which stands from Volks Hogh Schule whereby Hogh Schule refers to High School. But unlike in US where High School are for students in secondary learning, it is a different system here in Germany. The students in higher learning gets 3 choices of what type of school they wanna attend after primary and they are called somethign else. Never mind the names but great isn´t it? My class is from 8am to 12.15pm, with two 15 minute break in between. Its pretty intensive and interesting with all kinds of learning aid method thrown in. We not only learn the theory, but were thrown into all kinds of situation for practical too.

We do listening exercises, games and everything else to make the class fun and interesting and to me, this is such an eye opener to German´s education system. We have TONNES of homework to do everyday, but GOSH! I don´t remember looking forward to them when I was in school last time! Needless to say, I love it and I really do wish that our Malaysian education system brush up more coz it really is PALE in comparison and its not doing the country good. Most importantly is, we understand perfectly what is being taught and each of the teacher really do make it a point to make us understand everything. If one is slow, she would pay more attention and if the person is quick, a test is being arranged quickly to recomment jumping to a higher level and this was done of one of the girl after 1 day lesson! Very fast isn´t it? The whole learning experience is very different from where I came from, which is Sri Aman and later, Stamford College and mind you, that too (Sri Aman) was not a good comparison coz the high school I came from was suppose to be top in Petaling Jaya.

Anyway, like anywherelse, there´s always a few identifiable character in a group and allow me to share them with you now coz whom knows in future, they may be more stories!

There is Ms. Reserve (S) from Morroco whom sometimes turn up in a tudung but at times, looking really normal. There is a Ms. Afraid (R) from Pakistan whom is finding it really hard to cope coz her mother language is arabic and she´s struggling with ABC. Ms. Confident (R) sits across me and is from Peru. We often found ourself exchanging knowing glances. Haha. There is also a Ms. Cute (A) from Morroco and really is a female version of Bobby Chinn! She not only look a bit like him, she also talks like him!

There´s always a Ms. Dreamy (E) in class and ours are from Brazil. Ms. Chewing Gum (D) is also from Brazil and whenever there´s a break, she´s always at the corridor smoking. I wonder if the chewing gum has got anything to do with her trying to quit smoking?. And alas, there is a Ms. Normal (L) from Uzbekistan whom looked everybit chinese but speaks Russian. We will organise a coffee session next week and hopefully, we are able to communicate more than what´s being taught in school!

The oldest in class and also known as Ms. Fierce (N) is from Uz too and get this - we were informed yesterday that in UZ, woman goes to work and man stays home to drink tea! Goodness!

There is Ms. Sweet (O) from Ukraine and just yesterday, she came in 2 hours late and was in shocked state still coz her hubby was earlier knocked down by a car :-(, Ms. Dictator Wannabe (E) from Kazakstan whom I find is the funniest girl ever without realising it, Ms. Loud (A) from Turkey whom does not have a friend in class because she is showy, Ms. Whom Loves to Pinch Me (B) from Turkey too and don´t ask me why she loves doing that, Mr. Good Looking (S) from Turkey whom day dreams a lot, Mr. Speaks Fast (S) from Turkey too and lastly, Mr. Odd one out (V) from Russia which I originally thought was from Italy.

BTW, the two at the background are Ms. Chewing Gum and Ms. Dreamy.

Phewwww .. now you know my coursemate eh.


And sooo .. I had earlier shared that I cycle to school.

It is most convenient form of transport here for you can access everywhere, and all roads are equipped with bicycle lane. Juergen finally decided to return Ralf´s bike coz it was a bit heavy and too high for me, and just last week, we got a brand new one from Muller. Though Ralf were willing to part his almost brand new bike to us for a little more than 100 Euro (I guess) coz he got them from Baum Mart and it cost around the region of not more than 200 Euro, Juergen thought that its best to get a better one for long term use. And so, my baby here ... cost 4x the price. At that is like over RM2,000 for a bike! Crazy huh ...

But its a good bike ... here´s why.

It comes with a front manual light, and a back automatic light. Hehehe. Not a good reason for paying so much huh.


And tadaaaaaaaaaa ... this is it. Its a 7 speed bike and the gear system is suppose to be a good, reputable brand called Shimano NEXUS??? Is it good or not good? No idea how famous is it but it felt good. Changing gear felt smoother.


There´s also two suspension on the bike which I did not take photo off. One of at front wheel and one is on my seat.

As mentioned earlier, Juergen splurged a little on a bag system for me. And the bag came with a clickFIX system. This thing cost us EXTRA 45Euro man. Damn ex.


My bell rings elegantly too!


There´s a lock system installed in, and its a system from Starry. In Germany, one has to lock its bike (but I guess its the same as everywhere else isn´t it?) and in addition to locking the bike itself, I have to chain my bike to something so that no one can CART IT AWAY, while its locked.

Damn mah fan I tell ya. especially when its cold and all you can think off it get into a building!


It comes with a Rookie Mini Air Pump.


And of course, the whole body itself .. which was solid looking and yet, light. Very important.

Is my bike pretty? *Hint, hint*


Oh .. my bag, which I had earlier showned. And its so easy ... all I need to do is click the bag into the click system infront of the bike! And to remove it, just press the red button.


But I have ONE BIG PROBLEM. Its alright riding a bike to school now coz the school is only 10 minutes away, but come another week or two, the sun will rise later and the weather will get colder. It will be COLD AND DARK and I HATE THAT.

Juergen had earlier offered to buy me a car before I arrive but I said NO. Yup, I SAID NO. Coz I feel bad lahhh, am not working and all but now .. hmmmm, I wish I had said yes really.


For the past week, he had been bringing up this topic again and I was like (wee!). Not only that, he was fairly attracted with the idea of either a mini German car with engine to die for, a sporty French car with a sun roof or a famous German car with its range name ending with a name of a sport. Take a guess what they are! No revealation right now coz nothing had materialised yet ... but when it does, I will POST EVERYTHING!

Okok .. this is essentially a food blog, derailed to many other things ... SORRY! So I gave it a thought over my overlapping content and decided to do this from now on. Since I go to school now and am really like a kid, I have decided to post BENTO PIX!

You like?

So here´s my Bento # 001 on Wednesday

Croissant with Honey and Chocolate Filling (packed stuff) and Chocolates.


And come Thursday (ahhhhaaaaa .. more interesting), I made some stuff and tried to make it look like Bento as much as possible.

So here´s Bento # 002

I had the same croissant with honey filing, a slice of gouda and salami, 3 Jamaican Rum ball, Wurst and Cocktail Tomato Skewer, and Apple Salad.


And because of this, I am .. ohhhhh .. theres a lovely colourful bird infront of me at the window as I´m typing this! Hahaha .. okay, its gone now. Hmm .. where was I .. ahhh yes, I am stressing myself now for Bento Box inspiration.

Anyone knows any great blog I can check out from? Would be very much appreciated!


  1. Hi Lianne,
    I stumbled upon your blog recently and enjoy reading your posts.
    Here's a link with many bento creations that hopefully will inspire you. The site owner is a japanese lady who is residing in Switzerland.

    All the best in your new class. :)

  2. That sounds so incredibly fun!! I've always loved school....and the prospect of studying excites me...hehe:)
    I'm glad that you're enjoying your classes....and it's fun meeting more new people;)

    I am looking forward to more of your stories at school and your little bento boxes...hahaa, great effort coz they turned out so cute!!~~

    Take good care, and be careful riding without the sun...put on more sweaters can get really cold:)
    I'm sure you know better than me...hehe, and yeah, say yes to the car yea:p


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