Friday, 10 October 2008

Frikadellen mit Spargel und Karotten

Lately, I have been having these regularly. If you heart Swiss Meatballs, wait till you try these! German Meatballs aka Frikadellen. Unlike its swiss counterpart where its made with beef, these are made of Pork, therefor `Tidak Ditanggung Halal!`

Muslim friends, do take note!


Why I love them.

  1. It takes me about a minute to heat it up.
  2. You can also eat them cold.
  3. It cost 1.59E only for a pack of 5 pieces and I can have them like 5 times! Be it lunch, dinner or for snacking.
  4. It is available in all supermarkets here.
  5. AND its wickedly good.

Juergen says its fairly easy to make so, I will try and post up a recipe in ImbiNItchy one day yeah.

On another note, me and Mama Else cleared her garden´s summer flower yesterday to make way for the cold winter. And look what I picked up? Mama gave these babies to me. Its beautiful isn´t it? According to her, they won´t last long and she had originally wanted to throw them away but it was such a waste. Another week to go maybe? But better than throwing to the bin!

And oh .. notice the background flower pots? Those were the winter flower we planted two week ago of which I blogged about. They are growing healthily.

Its really a nice feeling waking up to all these lovely blooms surrounding you.



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