Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Ying Ker Farewell Lunch with Boss

I do have a fair bit of backlog entries from Malaysia left. Especially the farewell lunch and dinners with friends and family. This one´s from my boss, Ken. Since it was a day where all of us were at outlet attending to some stuff, he left the decision to me to decide on what I´d like to eat. And when in Curve, I can´t think of anywhere better than Ying Ker, a Hakka restaurant serving pretty good, authentic Hakka Food!

A good choice, and something that I would definately, DEFINATELY miss when in Germany.

Here´s what I ate.

A 8/10 point Fried Eggs with Picked Radish and Chinese Sausage (RM12.00). Almost perfect and not oily but could have been better with more chinese sausages!


Another 8/10 pointer Hakka Yam Abacus (RM16.00). Minus 2 points for the quantity. Taste was great!


I like my braised dishes dark in colour. Perhaps the sigh of seeing meat in such bright hue frightens me hehehe. Also, it was not tender enough, hence I would give this Braised Sliced Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Vegetable (RM20.00) a 6/10 point instead.


Really good Drunken Kampung Chicken with Ginger and Rice Wine (RM33.00), and deserving a 9/10 wholeheartedly. It was fragrant and had a tint of sweetness from the rice wine. Good stuff!


Ahhhh .. I love minced meat hence can I give this Hakka Stuffed White Bean Curd in Hot Pot (RM28.00) a 10/10? The combination with tofu works really well too. Well deserved.


Last but not least, we had a portion of Fried Yam Cake (RM7.00) which I find a bit too oily and normal. For this, I will rate it as a 6/10.


Thanks Ex-boss if you are reading this! It was a great lunch and I MISS, MISS, MISS eating them!


  1. It's always sad when you have to attend your own farewell:(
    (I mean not sad when you're eating with them but deep down inside, you know it's goodbye)

    Anyway, which part of Germany are you going to?
    Wish you luck and have a safe trip ya!~

  2. Hi! The food looks quite good!
    What do you do here in Germany?

  3. i find the portion at ying ker really small :( we have to keep re-ordering more

  4. Oh Christy .. I know but cannot turn back already loh, so no point looking back! hehehe .. be positive! Good thing is, there is internet nowadays phewwwww! I´m in Ahaus, about an hour from Munster.

    Hey Julia - AM under spouse program right now and waiting for my integration course to start. And you? Which part of germany you in?

    Babe - its small huh, normally I a bit kiam siap to go there but since FOC okayllahhhhh hahaha

  5. OMG!! Looking at all these dishes made me so hungry!! I particularly love Chinese fried eggs


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