Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sex And the City


No, I´m not blogging about the movie. I´m blogging about my first attempt in making a cocktail called Cosmopolitan made famousby the program. Juergen is incharge of my beverage request usually, along with dessert but I wanted to give cocktail making a try. I had a recipe from Cointreau and off I went ... shaking along two nights ago.


All I did was mix 50ml Cranberry Juice, 25 ml vodka, 20 ml Cointreau and 10 ml Lime Juice in and shake it till air incorporates in and that´s it! Not so difficult!

And it tasted good and STRONG! I would lessen the vodka to 15 ml next round but overall, it was a yummy drink for ladies.

Later that night, Juergen made us some Lemon Pudding and said that I can name it whatever I want. Hmmmm ... so here goes ...

This is Cocaine ++ aka Coconut Flakes with Chopped Pistachio and Chocolate!


Okaylah .. I better not blog about drugs and stuff otherwise my sis whom reads this will be wondering what´s happening to her sis over here. Drinking alcohol more lately, and now drugs???!!! Hahaha ...


Alright ... I´m a bit tipsy while typing this coz just had a fabulous HARVESTING DAY with Mama, Papa, Dirk and Juergen just now .. and we drank LOTS again.

Happy weekend everyone!

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