Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Seapark Market Assam Laksa


Something Malaysian today, and it is a post on my ABSOLUTE favourite laksa stall in Klang Valley! Anyone tried their laksa before? I know the place needs a bit of cleaning up and it stinks but hey, the laksa here is to die for. I´ve been eating my laksa here for the past 15-20 years and it had been super consistent la wei. And if you can speak Hokkien like me (the Penang ones, not the Klang ones), perhaps, perhaps, you will be rewarded with more on your bowl too.

Damn good stuff!

The broth had the right consistency of sourness, sweetness, saltiness, fishiness and aroma from the fresh herbs. Yum!

Only downside ... inflation had upped the price of this bowl (keh liao size) from around RM4.50 to RM6.00 a bowl! Goodness!


  1. RM6.00 for a bowl of laksa??? Wow, it must have been ages since we went to KL to have laksa .... but luckily laksa in penang is very still cheaper... phew... RM2.50 can get good laksa with lots of "he kor" (prawn paste)

    Assam laksa is the best.... and by looking at the photo, it got be delicious too

    now, i'm looking for bowl of laksa for supper... what to do.. tua pui gets hungry easily.... hehehe

  2. HEY! What are u doing posting asssssssssam laksa ... slurrrp ... all the way from Europe :-)

    I must try!!

  3. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog :).
    Looks very yummy here! For how long have you been here in Germany?

  4. Hi Kathi, been here for about a month. New kid on the block, still and learning the trick of cooking german food slowly lol

  5. Wow, RM6 for a bowl of assam laksa - that's the most expensive I've heard of from a market stall.

    As for German food, have you tried Koenigsberger Klopse (meat balls in caper gravy) and Berlin potato soup (flavoured with majoram)?
    (My other half is German but we live in Switzerland at the mo'.)

  6. Assam laksa...I need to try a good authentic one. It's hard to find here! :O

  7. Oh Argus .. inflation is damn happening in Malaysia right now, what to do. No I have not tried Koenigberger Klopse and Berlin Potato Soup. Both sounds good but don´t remember seeing them in restaurants here though. The food in this region is different I guess lol, will go hunt for recipe.

    Tigerfish ... yeah, I know what you mean. This ones in Sea Park is not bad, to make one salive eh lol

  8. Here's a Koenigsberger Klopse recipe I found on the 'Net:


    And an approximate Berlin potato soup from community.tasteofhome:


    2lbs potatoes,cut into cubes
    1/2 celery root,cut into cubes
    2 med.size carrots,sliced
    l parsley root,sliced
    l porree,sliced
    l large onion,sliced
    1/4 lb bacon,cut into pieces
    2 T oil
    1/2 T caraway seeds
    1 T majoran
    1 Bay leaf
    Beef Broth
    1 ring smoked sausage,cut into slices

    Fry bacon with oil in Dutch oven until meltd,but not
    browned.Add the vegetables and cook for 10 minutes.
    Add the spices and beef broth.
    Simmer for 40 minutes.Mash part of the potatoes and
    vegetables with potatoe masher. Add sausage and simmer
    10 more minutes. Add fresh parsley. Be carefull with
    the salt,since the sausage and bacon has salt in it.
    You may add some sour cream,if you like.

  9. Jason - yeah loh .. that dirty market hehe

    Argus - VIELEN DANK!


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