Sunday, 7 September 2008

Our Curryful Night

Life here is not too bad lah.

The only thing missing are family and friends back home, and of course, our glorious, most delectable Malaysian food. But if I were to lower my expectation and be a bit more resourceful or creative, I guess bolehlah ... satisfy whatever craving at the meantime.

So here´s to one of my craving last week ... indian food! But this was wayyyy before the chinese food craving.

I cooked curry with potatoes, some spices with yoghurt and milk. The taste was good!

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We made Roti from flour and water, with a little salt. Just like chapati, which requires it to be cooked without oil.

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And for dessert, we had Rasberry Lassi! Easy peasy lah .. just blend in some yoghurt, water, sugar and rasberries. Yum yum!

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Here´s our simple indian night at home. I ate with my hands, and got Juergen to do that too! But it was such a hilarious sigh and we ended up cracking up than eating so alas ... he got hold of a knife to scope the curry into the bread. As for me .. no need lah lol.

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Happy, homely meal.


  1. Love the Tony the Tiger plate ... It's GRRRRRREAT!

    Great to see you guys having a Malaysian-esque meal at home :-)

  2. looks excellent. you clever clever gal... :)

  3. I crave for Indian food quite often! Love those curries...

  4. Jules - Hahahha .. still remember that ad eh .. its such a classic lol

    Mei - ahhh dankeeeeee shein, what to do . no choice so have to get creative and try!

    Tigerfish - I reckon, we´re Malaysian at heart and spicy food is something we can´t do without eh ..


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