Friday, 19 September 2008

New Identity


My last hair perm was many months ago and eversince arriving here in early August, my hair had been limpy, which I totally hate. My perms gone. And why not perm again, you may ask.

Well, I´m in a dilemma actually. I have been colouring them since 7 years old as I have lots of white hair. Not to mention the perms eversince I started working and finally after turning 30, my crowning glory had taken its toll and decided to drop in alarming rate. I´ve tried many shampoos, tonic and suppliment, and little did it improve. Naturally, I would like my healthy bunch of hair back, with volume but how? And I don´t want to resort to perming again! Which I did, under desperate measure to look good.

And so, I was kind of fidgety when I walk into a new hair saloon. Moreover, my communcation skill is almost non existent. Sandra booked me the appointment and told our hairdresser Lotte what I was looking for. My instruction were very simple. Just a snip to get ride of dry ends, and give me volume at the top. Asian heads are flat naturally, I joked.

This was what Lotte did with my natural wave. She managed to give me waves without a perm and volume without hair implant.

Magical isn´t it?

And this is how I look with my new winter hat.


On another note, my German Integration Course is confirmed in October. About time! Our commitment to the immigration was actually language study course only, but we felt that an integration course to the german society which includes language study will be more helpful in the long run. Things like migration papers etc, who knows what else is needed in the future eh.

The class is for a duration of 6 months. It is pretty intensive with 4 hours lesson each day from Monday to Friday. Till date, there´s already a confirmed list of 20 students of which I was the last in the list and from what I know, there was a few more interested and the centre had to dissappoint them. Phew.

This is the registration office.


And the school itself. There are so many courses there and I´m drooling over some of them. But alas, the language baby ... I got to get them into me FAST! Than any course is possible!


So, I will be meeting up with my class teacher Frau Gobbel coming Wednesday for a little understanding of my background and that´s it!

Oh I´m so excited!

Okay .. I will go take my much needed rest now. Dinner tonight.


  1. Great new hairstyle! You look good.:-)

  2. i love ur new hair cut! colored ur hair since 7?? girl, tt's too much too long. but on the other hand, i can understand. i am beginning to grey n still have not colored my hair yet, resisting it as long as i can. i doubt i can fight it by next yr..i can take wrinkles but grey hair is sad...

  3. nice hair dear!! hope tat u can master the language by then :) stay focus in class!

  4. Thanks LL! Yours similar too!

    Well, ifs the white hair covers half of the head and classmates starts giving weird look, than no choice loh lol but yeah, now trying desperately to revive it back. Good thing is, it is not dropping anymore, and there´s plenty of hair tonic here that I can try.

    You can colour, its not as bad and if you do, give it some highligh! I think you will look cool!

    Wei Zhi - That is sooooo difficult! So long have not been in class lah .. haha, but no choice.


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