Friday, 5 September 2008

My Quickie Chinese Food

One of the weeknights last week, I had a sudden crave for chinese food. Y´know, those layered pork stuff in dark soya sauce bath. I tell ya ... its been a while since I last salivated over something so badly. It was after watching a program about China (yup, programs about China are plenty here in Europe) and in the program were this lady gorging down bigggg mouthful of Fei Chu Yoke and I could almost die of heart attack seeing her do that! That night, I cannot tahan ... and what to do, have to cook something right? Otherwise can´t sleep ...

So here´s what I cooked.

Boring stuff ... but at least, it satisfies my craving instantly.

Sweet and Sour Chicken. Instead of cucumber, mine high class a bit. I use Zucchini.


I wanted to create this winter melon stir fry from the same program but of course, where to find the melon here lah. So here goes another zucchini to the rescue!


Ah .. this one is a classic in my home in KL. My mum would slice up the long beans or whatever beans she can find, as long as green colour lah .. and sautee them till fragrant before pouring in the egg to turn it into omelette.

Though the meal is simple, I DAMN SATISFIED and went to bed smiling lol.

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  1. Aiyah, quickie also looks so good and presentable. Thumbs up!


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