Monday, 22 September 2008

Mamma Mia, The Movie

We went to watch Mamma Mia 3 weeks ago in Ahaus. If you have not watched them, DO NOT MISS THEM!

Before I start commenting about the movie, let me share you my first cinema experience in Deutschland yeah. For a town of 25,000 resident like Ahaus, there´s two cineplexes in town. Not bad. We decided to go to the older one coz its nearer but half way, I got skeptical over the condition of the old cinema. Will the chair squek, will there be kuachi on the floor (haha!), I mean, beer stains or some junk food lying around. But it was SQUEKY clean, and well maintained, just like any new cinemas if not better. The seats were huge with ample armrest, head rest and leg space. The seats were comfortable and most importantly, the cinema does not stink.

There´s even a board infront of you for you to place your drinks and food, and a small hook to hang your coats. Similiar like those trays on aircraft but better. When someone needs to pass by to get to their seat, I don´t have to stand up and make way for the person. Well, at least for short me. The other notable thing is, they serve wine, bubblies, beer and all sorts of drinks in the cinema, which made me felt like .. wah, going to cinema is so luxury hor.

All is said, I had a bottle of Apple Juice. Good girl.

Alright, on to the movie. If you like ABBA, go watch it! If you´re not a big fan like I do, it was ALL WORTH IT TOO! The songs were of course cheesy, but the story line were great. Its about this girl whom wanted her dad to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. The problem is, she´s not met them, nor heard of them UNTIL she stumble upon her mum´s diary with the name and address of 3 possible father. She, of course, took the opportunity to invite them over to her wedding. Without her mum´s knowledge.

Merly Streep played her mum and she was fabulous. I´ve always been a big fan of her movies but here, she not only shone in her acting, she excelled in singing too! Talented woman! The rest of the cast sang too, with Colin Firth (one of my favourite actor) being commendable, but Pierce Brosnan ... argggggggg, he´s BAD.

The movie were shot in BEAUTIFUL Santorini Island in Greece (we will visit soon, I hope!), and the costume were all classics! And the ABBA song selection were very appropriate and got everyone in fun mood! Haha. Really! At one stage, it got everyone in the cinema singing to it and I was sooo surprise because, heyyy .. this is Germany! They are not suppose to know English songs soo well!

I won´t give away the ending, but let´s say its a good, happy ending for all. But arggggg .. Colin Firth turned out to be a GAY!



  1. Hubby and I watched it yesterday. We were seated right at the back, and sang along to all the songs. It was so much fun!! Good movie to bring the cheesiness back into our lives. hehe. Oh, I'm so impressed with Meryl Streep. She has so much stamina for her age...skipping and dancing and running....wah liao.

  2. Sang along to ALL THE SONGS! hahaha ... not bad ahhh. I can only manage to famous liners, but not entirely. The lyrics went so well with the story line too and wondered if they edited them? Hehe, yeappp ... Meryl´s stamina waas wayyyy impressiveeee and her vocal chord. She could have been a singer anytime with a bit more practise.

  3. I watched the musical in USA and enjoyed every second of it. Plan to catch the show soon. The musical version is coming here in Dec! I love Colin Firth too!

  4. goooddd! tell me if the storyline is the same as the musical, so that we can catch them here soon! I loved it veryyy much. Fun movie!

  5. WMW: ^_^ Cool, let's go watch the musical together on Dec.

    Yupe. Meryl Streep rocks, Pierce Brosnan sucks in singing.


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