Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Pork Burger wth Mixed Herb

Herbed Pork Burger

Damn the supermarket chain here.

Before I came to this country, I told myself to try and make everything from scratch since I had time and not to get myself addicted to eating process food which German supermarket is so well stocked with.

But last weekend, after a gruelling 11km bicycle tour to nearby village, we decided to stop by Aldi and picked up our something for our BBQ dinner. I spotted this package of 5 huge, juicy looking burger for the price of less than 2 Euro and though, wow, good value hor. Hopefully, the taste is not bad.

And ... kaboom!!!

We hit jackpot! The herbed pork burger were THE BEST I have ever eaten! Damn juicy, flavourful with yummy porky taste (yum! yum!)

We had them with toasted baquette, roma tomatoes, lettuce, gouda cheese and my wicked sun dried tomato paste!

We were in heaven!

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  1. looks fantastic = how do the germans pull off making fastfood look healthy! lol.. :D


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