Thursday, 4 September 2008

Gratin Dauphinois


Potato is not exactly my kinda food. I always find them too heavy, bland, predictable and after eating them, I will feel guilthy as though I´ve commited the most hideous murder. But we had half a bag still, and we didn´t feel like making our Gordon Ramsey style mash potato. We simply call them that after our lunch experience with mash potato in his restaurant in London.

Potatoes. Hmmm .... potatoes. We shall try french´s intepretation of using potato then, I suggested. He´s on for it and I´m so glad. The taste was not as I had expected. It was light, first of all. Secondly, nutmeg powder works magically with potato. During baking process, Juergen was asking again if indeed milk is needed for this recipe. It must have been a strange combination, but hey .. this dish is a classic. Top them with cheese, in this case we had gouda, emmenthal and brie but was not sure if the french type goes well here hence Gouda was the chosen one. It was perfect.


We both finished the whole baking dish with our glasses of muskat, of which you can heat up if you like them warm lol.


Another great eating in night.

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